What Are The Causes Of An Oil Leak And How To Fix It

Any type of fluid leaks from a car has the tendency to completely destroy it. Oil happens to be the most dangerous one. How is it caused and how can it be fixed is discussed below:

Oil Leak in car

Oil leaks is a common problem that a car driver experiences at least once in their life. To be wary of it is good but to completely ignore it can lead to very dangerous events. Oil leaks repairs must be done with as soon as you notice a puddle underneath your parked car. But how is it caused in the first place?

Causes of Oil Leaks

The most common reason can be that you accidently punch a hole in your car while driving down the road. Roads are often filled with sharp objects like glass or stones or pebbles or other sharp surfaces. Sometimes, the breakers are extremely pointy or sometimes the road you’re taking has a lot of bumps and cracks. Under such circumstances, it is normal for a car to accidently get a hole punched in its surface which causes the fluid leaks.


Another reason for such fluid leaks or oil leak is a faulty gasket. Faulty gaskets lead to oil leaks and oil leaks are capable of leading to the destruction of a car. Hence it is imperative to check for faulty gaskets when you experience an oil leak.

Oil Leaks Repair

You can repair the oil leaks by following these methods:

  1. Service Your Car

Service your car weekly or after every fortnight. This way your car remains in a good condition and the chances of having oil leaks are reduced to zero. By servicing your car, the mechanic or anyone else checks all the required places and fixes anything that needs to be fixed. Also, sometimes because of excess dirt the gaskets lose their capability of work which further enables an oil leakage.

  1. No Leak

If you notice a small leak under your parked car and upon checking you realize its nothing big. Then the best way to deal with it is to use liquids like ‘no leak’ etc. These liquids are especially made to treat with such fluid leaks and are recommended by the oil leaks repair centers provided the leakage is small and visible.

  1. Repair Centers

If your leak problem happens to be intensifying instead of getting reduced to minimum, then it is best to take your car to a repair center so that the professionals can check it out and fix whatever problem your car is experiencing.

Sometimes, these leaks are a result of a very huge problem which you aren’t aware of. Hence getting it checked is probably for the best.

Final Verdict

Hence oil leaks can be very dangerous and should be taken seriously. It is best to treat with as soon as possible and get it to any oil leaks repair centers so as to avoid huge problems.

Pros And Cons of Dyed Window Tinting

There are many reasons to love your car and equal reasons to get the vehicle window tinting done as soon as possible as well. There are several different types of window tints for cars that you can find at any window tint shops. The dyed window tints are one of the most popular choice of window tints that are available for people to explore. In this article, we give you a chance to get an insight into the highlight advantages and disadvantages of dyed window tinting.

Pros of Dyed Window Tinting

Like all other window tints, the dyed vehicle window tinting has many good things to offer to its users. Want to know about them? Read below.

  1. Looks Superb

The first benefit of dyed window glazes is of course that it looks amazing. If appearance was the only thing that mattered, it would definitely win hearts all over.

  1. Gives Great Cooling Effect in Summers

These tints are known for the wonderful cooling sensation they provide to regulate the indoor temperature of your vehicle in summer season.

  1. Provide 100% Complete Privacy

The glazed windows with dyed tints provide 100% foul proof privacy to your car. Not even a single thing will be visible through these windows.

  1. Does Not Interfere With Signals

Like other glazes, the dyed window tints do not interfere with the signals of your mobile connection or internet.

Cons of Dyed Window Tinting

Unfortunately, not all things about the dyed vehicle window tinting are great. Here is a look at some of the serious flaws that come with dyed window films.

  1. Made To Custom-Orders Only

A serious drawback of dyed window films is that they are not locally available in the local window tint shops near your home. If you want to get them, you will need to place custom-orders to have them made. This can be time consuming and frustrating for some people.

  1. Overpriced

Another serious letdown is that the dyed window films are very expensive. Whilst there are other economical options, investing in such pricey films for your vehicle can be a little questionable.

  1. A Lot of Maintenance Required

We all know that tinted windows require maintenance in the long run to stay in good shape. A little care and maintenance every two weeks never hurt anybody too. However, since dyed tints come in specific color combination and texture, they require at least 4 times more maintenance than an average window tinting.

  1. Messes With The Heating In Winters

Whilst the fact that these auto tinting glass Springfield, VA work brilliantly to keep the indoor temperature of your vehicle cool in summers is appreciable, this works in reverse manner in winters. In winter season, we mostly run the heating inside the car to keep it warm and comfortable. The glazed windows might affect the heating of your car in winters. So a benefit in summer can turn into a menace in winters.

Why private Benz service centers are popular now?

Owning a Mercedes Benz car is always a pride to the owner. But maintaining it properly often becomes a burden to some such people. Most people are afraid to get expensive cars serviced in mercedes benz service specialists. Nevertheless, the y feel that when they get their car serviced by authorized dealers, they have the confidence that the car is with its original owner. Many car owners are now approaching independent service centers for getting their Benz car serviced due to the mere fact that they are less expensive. Let us take a look into the matter and find an answer to the question why the private Benz service centers are popular these days.

Private benz garages have good level of expertise

The technologies used and technicians employed in private service stations are at par with those of the authorized benz specialist.  They are equipped with good software and they also have exposure to the latest developments in this field and the technicians working there are well experienced and well qualified also. This tendency of the new generation private car service centers has developed has helped to  increase the confidence of Benz car owners in such stations.

Highly skilled mechanics are employed

Private Benz service centers have employed mercedes benz service specialists for carrying out the repair work of Benz cars brought there. Some private service stations insist that they will employ only those who have worked in authorized service centers to resist the tough competition the y have to face. This tendency of the new generation private car service centers have helped to increase the confidence level of Benz car owners in such stations.

Personal attention is guaranteed

Most car owners often discuss with employees in service centers about various aspects of the service works that are being carried out on their vehicles. The management of the private car service centers promotes close contact between the customer and the service personal. This leads to the development of good personal relations and helps to increase the confidence level. In some cases the vehicle owners are getting a good amount of discount also when a personal rapport is developed.

Customers are given maximum importance

Customer service is very important for both private as well as authorized service centers. But as customers to the authorized service centers are coming direct from the popularity of the brand name and global acceptance of the brand, they are not much dependent on customer satisfaction. But as customers in private centers have to come from what they showcase, the employees and management of private service centers are keen on keeping customers happy and on giving maximum facilities, comfort and satisfaction.

Often the good service given by  Benz service centers alexandria va help in developing good customer support. This also creates some interest in promoting them by telling good opinion about their service and other benefits to potential customers. This is one of the main reasons for the new found increase in the number of Benz car owners depending on private service centers for their maintenance and service needs related to Benz car.