5 Interesting Facts About Rugs

Rugs are exotic and beautiful for the interior decoration of homes. They add an aura of warmth to houses which welcomes people and adds comfort. They are unique and at times antique pieces that are worth investing in. There are a lot of rugs on sale stores that people visit and regularly buy from or they visit wholesale Persian rugs.

All you need to know about Persian rugs

The demand for rugs is high but there are a lot of interesting facts about rugs that people are unaware of.

History of the Ancient Times

Nobody is exactly sure how far the history of rugs dates back but the dominant research states that rugs date as far back as 7000 BC. The very earlier rugs were woven by the people of Neolithic age. Pazyryk Carpet is named as one of the oldest carpets. This was discovered in the Siberian burial mound in 1949. In the era of cavemen, rugs were made from animal skin and were used as the way to keep the Predators’ way. While the nomads used the rugs for sleeping or for decoration like it is done in the present era.

The Soundproof Feature

Rugs are not just good for decoration but they work amazingly as a sound absorbent. If you live in an apartment or in a house with hardwood flooring and you can hear sounds from everywhere, it starts getting annoying and distracting pretty soon. To have privacy and a peace of mind, rugs can help in blocking that unnecessary sound. It is possible that you might have been using your rugs for that very reason without even realizing that rugs have that very interesting feature of giving you privacy within your own home. Rugs are much more than just a pretty face to look at. Every rug has that feature so you don’t have to go about looking for rugs with a lot of knot counts per inch.

The Meaning Behind Colors

As it is usually said that nothing is a coincidence, in the same way, the colors used by weavers in the carpets have a meaning too. Green is usually a color used by Muslims as a holy color. Green symbolizes hope, spring, and life. On the other hand, red is a sign of fire, brown mean earth or fertility, blue is used for peace. On the other hand, white is word widely used as a sign of purity and black is more of a forceful color. At times people ask for certain colors in their carpets while at other times weavers use it themselves to demonstrate their views. Weaving is a kind of an art too. Rugs on sale usually offer a variety of colors to choose from especially the wholesale Persian rugs.

Magical Changes in The Colors of The Rug

Have you ever rubbed your hand on the fiber of a rug one way and the other and then seen the color look different as if it was a new rug? This illusion of the carpet is because the rug is weaved in such a way that each knot is done individually in such a way that the fiber is pulled down, which shows a certain color of the fiber. So when you pull the fiber one way or the other way, the color changes too. Another reason is the light that falls on the rug. The light changes the color too or it at least seems like the color has changed. So depending on which corner of the room you are standing in and how much light is being reflected, the color of the rug would seem different to you according to that. That is why it matters a lot where you place your rug.

Cleaning facts

It is very disgusting to know that bacteria can survive in the rugs for 4 weeks with there being 200,000 bacteria in per square inch of the rug. 1.5 million Skin flakes are shed by a person which pile up in the carpet. So, next time you find yourself lying on a rug, remember that one disgusting fact. Choose cleaning friendly carpets when you visit rug stores or see wholesale Persian rugs VA.

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