Brazilian blowout vs Japanese hair straightening

Those people who have very frizzy and unruly hair often seek help for managing their hair. There are a number of techniques that they can use to overcome frizz in their hair, though. Among these, the most commonly accepted and effective method is Brazilian blowout. This treatment leaves the hair straight, shiny, and frizz-free. At the same time, another treatment called Japanese hair straightening is also getting very common. In case you have heard about both of these treatments, you may be confused in between the two.

What should you get? Brazilian blowout or Japanese hair straightening?

In case you are trying to figure out which treatment will be more suitable for you, we suggest you to compare the two. This is what we have written this article for. By the end of this article, you will have sufficient information regarding both of these treatments. Consequently, you will be able to figure out which one is better for you and why.

Let us take a look at Japanese straightening first.

What is Japanese straightening?

Japanese straightening is also referred to as rebonding. This treatment primarily changes the bonds of the hair which make them very straight. In case you see celebrities with pin-like straight hair all of a sudden, chances are that they got a rebonding treatment.

How does it work?

In this process, the hair is relaxed first. To make it happen, hair stylists apply a calcium-based solution of hydroxide or a solution based on lye on the hair. The hair is then rinsed after letting the solution stay for some time. Then, the hair is dried via a blow-dryer following by flat ironing. With that, hair stylists also place some neutralizer on the hair in order to let the molecular bonds stay intact. Then, the hair is rinsed again and dried once more.

What is the Brazilian blowout?

Brazilian blowout is also referred to as the keratin complex treatment, which makes the hair shiny, smooth, and straight. In comparison to the Japanese straightening treatment, Brazilian blowout is a customizable treatment. This means that one can easily customize it and control its extent of hair straightening.

In this treatment, a preservative solution is used which gets sealed in the hair using titanium iron. After the Brazilian blowout treatment, one cannot wash or shampoo the hair for at least 3 to 4 days.

After the treatment as set in the hair totally, one can wash with a sulphate and sodium free shampoo. At the same time, the hair can then be left to dry naturally or blow dried also. Brazilian blowout treatment results in shinier, smoother, and much softer hair as compared to before.

Which one should you choose?

Well, the choice of the hair treatment will depend on what you are aiming to achieve. In case you get Japanese straightening treatment, you could get pin-like smooth and straight hair within one or two sessions. However, the biggest drawback of this treatment is that it can damage the hair and make them very weak. In comparison, Brazilian blowout does not cause any damage and is safe for all types of hair.

The results of Brazilian blowout will not last for more than 2 to 4 months and is primarily used to treat frizzy hair.


Whether you go to a Brazilian blowout or a Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville, it is important to remember that you should never settle for a low-quality hair treatment. The better the quality of your hair treatment is, the better your results will be. Furthermore, low quality treatments also put you at risk of hair damage and other scalp issues.

Balayage vs Ombre – What Is The Difference Between Them

Want to give your hair a new color? Confused between balayage services and ombre services? Read further to find out the basic differences between balayage and ombre.


Balayage is a French word which means “to sweep” and hence balayage hair color is done by freehand sweeping i.e. highlighting the hair. In this process, no such tools are used for the application of the color, the stylist uses their hands to apply the color evenly on your hair.


You can either do this yourself or visit a balayage salon for the change of color. Here’s how experts recommend to do this:

  1. Section your hair into 3 parts and take the first thin strand of hair from the bottom-most section.
  2. Start applying the dye on the strand from the bottom.
  3. Make sure that the amount of dye is heavy at the tips and gets lighter as you move towards the roots.
  4. Do the same process for every 1-inch strand but apply the dye strand by strand from alternate sides.
  5. Once you have finished dying all the hair strands, leave your hair for some minutes according to the instructions and then wash your hair.

Balayage process doesn’t require foil wrapping.


Balayage hair color looks fabulously natural as it is light from the top and gets darker at the bottom. Getting balayage services from professional would give better results and a more gorgeous look.

Types of Balayage

Balayage can be done in various ways, however, each type gives highly satisfying and stunning results. Below are some eye-catching types of balayage:

  1. In order to get light color balayage, foil technique is used during balayage to get maximum heat which lightens the shade.
  2. Mix balayage with highlights for a regular super stylish look.
  3. Combine balayage and baby-lights and apply it on the hairline and around the face to enhance the glow.
  4. Mix different shades to get a unique shade with a stunning dimensional look.

Maintenance of Balayage

When new hair is grown, re-dye your hair with balayage by following the same process. To prevent your color from washing out during shower, ask the expert `about the right products that you could use. Moreover, whenever you wash your hair, make sure the water is lukewarm.


Ombre is also a French word which means “shadow”. Ombre can be defined as the opposite of balayage because, in balayage, the color is lighter at the roots and darker at the tips, on the other hand, in ombre, color is darker at the top and lighter at the bottom.


Ombre can easily be done at home by following instructions but if you are not sure about your skills then get it done by an expert. The steps include:

  1. Divide your hair into several sections equally and tie an elastic band till the point you want the color to be dyed.
  2. Hair is bleached to get the faded look. An alternative to bleach in the blonde hair color which is much safer for the hair strands but doesn’t give out the desired results.
  3. Start bleaching the hair till the fade line.
  4. Leave the bleach to work on your hair. Remember, the longer you wait, the lighter the color will get. So, according to your desire, wait between 10-45 minutes.
  5. Wash your hair and let it dry.
  6. Split your hair again into sections and tie elastic bands.
  7. Apply the color to the strands evenly using a hair color brush.
  8. According to the instructions, leave the color to set and then wash it.


Ombre gives your hair a gradient and an extremely jaw-dropping look. The end result of ombre is like the transition of color from a lighter tone to a fabulous darker one.

Types of Ombre

Two attractive types of ombre are:

  1. Sombre – It makes the contrast of two tones softer.
  2. Color melting – Multiple shades (usually 2-3) are applied at the same time on a single strand and then these colors are mixed using a brush.

Maintenance of Ombre

Just like any other hair color, use the right care products and get the touch-ups done if more color is needed.

Now that you know the basic differences between balayage and ombre, choose the best one for yourself and head to an ombre or balayage salon Olney MD.

6 Important Balayage Tips From Experts

The famous viral color technique for 2019 is balayage, though it was famous in 1970’s too but it’s popularity in the present can’t be compared to the past. Balayage hair color is famous also, for the fact that a lot of celebrities have favored balayage highlights.

Get the best balayage highlights

Getting the color done and maintaining it is fairly simple, but there are always some tips and hacks that can make it even better. Also, knowing a bit about the color and tips will give you an advantage over the balayage hair salon that you will opt for, which will keep the expert from making any mistakes with your hair.

Getting It Refreshed to Keep the Look Going

Though the whole maintenance thing on balayage is pretty low, but it’s advisable that you check in with the balayage hair salon to get it refreshed every 4 or so months. Just so that your hair keeps looking great. Balayage is good also, because you don’t have to get the roots done every 15 days, you can wait almost half a year before catching up with your colorist. Best part is refreshing doesn’t take as long as the actual color does.

Looking After Your Color

There is so much you can do at home to keep your balayage hair color shinning. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to hair color. Swimming without a cap in a cholerine filled water, hair tools for styling and washing your hair every day with hard shampoos are big NO. All these can be the death of your hair color. Professionals suggest color protect shampoos and conditioners to keep your color fresh. Use purple shampoo and conditioner to keep the blond from getting brassy.

Hair Care Is Equally Important

Like a good canvas is need to paint the perfect picture, similarly, good hair is needed to show off the perfect balayage. If your hair is going dry, frizzy and brittle, then no one will even notice the balayage. It’s very important to keep up with the health if your hair to get the best out of your balayage. Keep your hair from extreme heat damage by using better tools and hair care products. Moisture and condition your hair every alternate day.

Weekly Treatments

No! we don’t mean salon treatments, best treatment that you can give your hair is warm almond oil. Oiling your hair on a weekly basic with warm almond oil can do magic. Massage the oil deep in your hair with the help of your fingers. This will revive the shine of your hair and make the balayage look even more luscious. Tips to get the best out of your oiling treatment; give your hair a warm wash, this will open up the pores, now oil them and let the oil soak in, let the oil sit for a good 2 3 hours or over-night if possible, shampoo and condition afterwards and there, you are done treating your hair to the food it needed.

Consultation and Inspiration

It’s very important to work alongside the colorist to get the perfect color. You part in the whole thing is to tell every possible thing about your hair color history and also show pictures of the balayage hair color style you need. This consultation and inspiration will help the colorist decide what will suit you the best and how to work with your hair history to give you the best balayage color.

Before Balayage Protection

No matter how wonderful balayage is, it is still a chemical treatment, so before going in prepare your hair for balayage. Get a protein treatment and use moisturizing masks to make your hair stronger. This strength will help when the color is applied to your hair. Also, do not wash your hair rigorously before going in for balayage, because the natural oil in your hair will keep your scalp from the chemical damage. Your hair should be clean and dry for the coloring.

A tip here and a tip there can make a huge difference to your balayage hair, so the next time you hot the balayage hair salon bethesda md, shower them with your awesome knowledge if balayage.

Top 11 Things You Should Know About Permanent Hair Straightening

Permanent hair straightening salons are now loaded up with customers. It is because this service has become very popular among women. Mostly women with frizzy, curly or even wavy hair go for permanent hair straightening.

Know about Japanese hair straightening

You can check out any Japanese hair straightening salon if you are not satisfied with your curly hair. It is also called hair relaxing because in this method the protein bonds are relaxed. So that the bonds which determine the structure of your hair will relax out and appear to be straight. There are various permanent hair straightening salons which you can consult before you make the decision.

Things that you should know about permanent hair straightening

  1. The Damage to Your Hair

Permanent hair straightening can damage your hair a lot. It can weaken the hair. In most cases, the protein bonds are broken instead of relaxing. There are fewer damaging chemicals to permanently straighten the hair. But the damage will be done to your hair either way.

  1. You Can Customize It

You can customize your straightening treatment according to your hair type. There are various types of hair so straightening treatment cannot be the same for all of them. You can use different formulas in different sections of your hair. If you have more curly hair on the top, you can use a different formula for them. And the less curly hair will require a different formula.

  1. Check the Tools

Although there are various permanent hair straightening salons, but if you are doing it on your own make sure to check your tools. Do not use old tools because they will damage your hair. They can make your hair dry and prone to breakage. You have to avoid all the unnecessary damage so use better tools.

  1. It Will Not Be the Same

Once you permanently straighten your hair, there will not be going back. You cannot wear your natural curls. Even when you grow new hair, they will be very frizzy. If you are prepared for this, then you can go for it. But you always have the option of occasional hair straightening.

  1. Consider Other Options

There are other options as well. You can go for Keratin Hair Treatment which is semi-permanent. In this way your natural texture will return soon and there will be less damage. Or you can simply use a hair straightener every time they want straight hair. Consider all your options before you decide because it will surely damage your hair.

  1. Prepare for the Commitment

Prepare yourself for the commitment. Not all people can live with the commitments. Make sure that you are ready for this. And keep in mind the damage you will have to live with.

  1. Examine Your Hair History

When you are at the salon, you have to tell your hair history to the stylist before the procedure starts. Your stylist may have to use are slightly different procedure based on your hair history. You can tell him whether you have dyed your hair. This can save you from a lot of unnecessary damage.

  1. Types of Permanent Straightening

There are four types of permanent straightening. These are keratin treatment, Japanese straightening, chemically straightened hair, and hair Rebonding. These four are basically different techniques of permanently straightening the hair. But the end result is going to be the same.

  1. Pros and Cons

The two advantages of permanent straightening are that even the tight and thick curls can be straighten. And you can control the level of relaxing your hair. It means you can decide if you want fully straight hair or just loosen your curls. But the disadvantage is that, the risk of damage is very high in this chemical treatment.

  1. Cost of Permanent Straightening

The cost of this treatment depends on the length of your hair and the texture. However, the Loreal treatment is slightly more expensive but it also lasts longer than other treatments.

  1. Consider a Japanese Hair Straightening Salon

Japanese hair straightening is also called thermal conditioning. You can check out any Japanese hair straightening salon rockville for this method. It is generally less damaging because it uses a gentle formula for relaxing the bonds. It has become a more popular technique of straightening hair.

Guide On How To Choose Best Fashionable Sunglasses

Since sunglasses have been around for a long time, you would assume that everyone will know how to wear them properly. Studies show that only a few people know how to do it.

Wearing sunglasses

To pull off a great look with your fashionable sunglasses you need to do some things. One of the things you should do is ensure that the sunglasses are of good quality. Remember that there is no way that you will have a great look with cheap units. The cool thing is that you don’t have to buy expensive designer units to look great—there are plenty of good looking discount sunglasses that you can go for.

In addition to the quality of the sunglasses, you also need to ensure that you buy units that accentuate your face shape and color. There is plenty of information both online and offline where you can get as much information as you want about the best sunglasses that you should buy. To be comfortable with the units, they should be a good fit—they shouldn’t be too big or too small.

What to do when you aren’t wearing the sunglasses

Regardless of how much you love the sunglasses, there is no way that you will be wearing them 24/7. You have to remove them at one point. Many incidences have been reported of people damaging their sunglasses, and others lose them. To protect your units you need to be cautious of the sunglasses when you remove them. There are many ways in which you can protect them.  Some of these ways include:

Securing them on the head: If you are removing your designer sunglasses for only a short time, you can place them on your head. You should note that putting the sunglasses on your head for a long time exposes them to harmful hair products that can get on the lenses. There might also be some chemicals on your hair that might damage the shades. Experts have also shown that the sunglasses tend to stretch when you keep them in your head for a long time. As mentioned, you should keep them up there for only a short time.

Hanging them on your shirt or top: Hanging the sunglasses on your shirt or top is not only safe, but also fashionable. The cool thing is that you can hang both sunglasses for men and women. To secure them in place, use a hook.

Factors To Consider When Buying Fashionable Sunglasses

When you are buying sunglasses for men or women, you need to consider a number of factors for you to buy the right ones. Some of the factors you need to consider include:

UV protection

Other than to improve your looks, the other reason you should wear sunglasses is to protect your eyes. To make this possible, you should ensure that you buy units that will provide you with as much UV light protection as possible. Remember that the damage to your eyes resulting from UV light may lead to cornea and lens problems. To avoid the problem go with units that will provide you with 100% UV protection.

Frame technology

The technology used in making the frames determines your comfort when wearing the sunglasses. The frame structure is dependent on different factors such as the brand and company. Some frames come with features that allow you to change the lenses and adjust them to different light conditions. Others frames have adjustable nose pads that make it possible for you to custom fit the nose bridge.

If you are wondering which are the best sunglasses to go for, you should buy designer sunglasses. This is because they are of high quality and come in exciting designs. The frames are also lightweight and often impact resistant.

Shape, size, and style

Fashionable sunglasses come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles. It’s all up to you to choose the one that meets your application. When making the purchase, you should consider your face shape. If you have a round face, go for rectangular or square-shaped sunglasses. This is to make your face appear thinner and longer. If you are square-shaped, go for the round, butterfly, or oval shaped sunglasses that will balance your facial proportions.

Use of the sunglasses

Where will you be using the sunglasses? If you will be skiing or engaging in sports, you should go for sports sunglasses that are usually tough and can withstand different weather elements. To ensure that you are comfortable when participating in sports, you should go for sunglasses with rubberized temple tips, non-slip nose pads, and other comfort-enhancing features.


These are some of the factors you should consider when buying sunglasses. For the units to last for a long time, ensure that you purchase from a reputable sunglasses store. You should also take good care of the glasses by cleaning them regularly and avoiding damage.