9 Things You Need To Rent For Your Wedding

As the wedding bells start ringing, there is an adrenaline rush through your veins because there are a number of things you need to be considerate of including party tent rentals and dinner. Therefore, it is better to formulate everything beforehand. Below are the things you need to rent for your wedding.


No matter which venue you have chosen, either it’s the beach or somewhere else, you need to arrange the tents to shelter the event and let it go smoothly. Tents are the most important part of your decoration, nothing can help you save yourself from the heat or cold unless you are attending an event under a solid tent.

There are so many local party rental companies whom you can contact. They will lend you the tents and they will charge a few pennies in return. These services are the best people to phone when it comes to scheduling a pair of tents. Also, you can speak to a couple of dealers to compare their rates and services.


You would be placing your acquaintances and guests upon chairs and sofas, most certainly. Therefore, you have to arrange a couple of tables and chairs for the special event. It all depends on the number of guests you have invited. The more the guests, the more the number of chairs and tables.

Without arranging a vogueish furniture, your event would look crap. Wedding furniture is always the main attraction and focal point of the event. Be very choosy when you are going to decide on the design and number of tables and chairs you are booking.


Stage is of no less importance. Nothing can make you more weary than that of the stage and its arrangement. Different decorators offer different designs for the stage where the bride and groom both would be seated.

Every eye looks around for the bride and the groom. There is a diligent attention people like to give to these two on their special day. The couple is sure to grab all the limelight that very day. Therefore, the place where both of them would be photographed is nearly public interest. Pay a good amount with all your heart and content to rent a desirable stage.

Power and Wi-Fi

You only need to rent lightbulbs/LEDs and air-coolers and/or heaters to let your event move smoothly. Just for your special day and to cater to a ton of guests, you don’t need to buy dozens of lightbulbs and other electronic items, you just ask some local dealer to rent these things to you for a very short period of time.

Dinnerware and Crockery

Dinner is one important and unignorable aspect of any wedding. There would be a sea of people at your wedding and you just can’t buy all the crockery to make them eat. It is obvious that you are going to rent a decent quantity of dinnerware to compensate the need.


No wedding can take place without flowers. Flowers are an essential part of a ceremony like this. Weddings and flowers go hand in hand and therefore it is easy to find a florist to rent you flowers for a short span.

Candle Holders and Decor

Candles are also very common at weddings, be it any season. This is the stuff that is used at weddings really often. So, it’s easy-breezy to find a shop or person renting the candle holders. Please, do not waste your money over buying these decorative things.

Table Napkins and Linens

Table-clothes and napkins can also be rented. They need not to be bought. Such linens and fabrics can be washed and reused multiple times. And even after being used for many times, their color doesn’t fade away until they get too old to be consumed anymore.

Carpets and Rugs

The red carpet that will be walked upon has to be rented. You need not to squander your money over trivial things like the rugs and carpets, they can be brought on rent. Also, these things are important but nobody really notices them, these things often go unheeded.

Save money for the honeymoon and rent as many things as you can instead of buying. Try to find wedding party rentals Northern VA that cover most of these things to save money.

How to Choose a Party Rental Company

If you are planning a special event and you want to witness the wedding you have been dreaming of, then you should choose the right party rental company to make it possible.  There are a lot of party rentals you can contact so that you will have more options and make sure to choose a company that meets your needs. Also, maybe you are planning an event or festival that you want people to enjoy which is why you need to know what to consider when looking for a party rental company. Every event is different and it needs your attention and eagerness to do more than what is expected so that you will achieve what you want.

What to consider when opt for party rentals

How many guests will you have

The 1st thing you have to think about is how many guests you are expecting for the party. Of course, renting a place that is too small or excessively big for the space should not be an option. Moreover, the bigger the space you are going rent, the higher the price. It is important for you to have a knowledge of how many guests are confirmed. When you know this, other choices will be a lot easier.

A wedding or party planner

When you hire a creative event or wedding planner, you are on your way to having a successful and beautiful event. Although you need to know that not every planner is the same because these days there are planners who have their own forte and are better with certain events compared to others. You need to ask around and make sure that your planner has a lot of experience in handling the kind of event you want. There is no need to evaluate which rental sources you will choose.

What is the cost

As expected, they come with a price that will depend on the size of the event because the estimation will be based on this. This business has a lot of competition which is an advantage for you because you will not find it hard to get a good deal. However, even if you want to pay minimal for the event rental, it may not be ideal for you because you do not want to go cheap on a memorable event.

Do they have good service?

Choosing a company that gives good customer service is important to making your event is successful. The company you pick should reply quickly whenever you call or e-mail them. The response time you should look for is anywhere between 1 to 2 days depending on what your question is and the timing. Hire a company that provides complete information including layouts of events, product information and location details. Companies my do a site visit at the location of the event to make sure that there is good event flow and they can come up with recommendations to make your event even better.

Equipment quality

How wide is the range of inventory selection they have available? Are the equipment good quality? For you to know this, visit the warehouse of the company and check their inventory. Do they have a clean environment? Keep in mind that your guests are going to use those plates. Is the company located within the vicinity of your event’s location? It is better to choose one that is closer in case there is a last minute.

Talk to several companies

Since there are a lot of companies that offer these services, you have the freedom to approach whoever you choose and make sure it is more than 2. Therefore, approach them and listen to what they have to say about their company. While doing this, take note of what their strengths and weaknesses are. After doing that, take some time to compare them all. From there, it will be easy for you to identify who is the best event rental to handle the tasks your party requires.

By following the tips mentioned, it will be no problem for you finding a party rentals va company that will meet your needs. You also want your guests to enjoy so only go with the right one.

Linen Rentals and Their Hidden Benefits for Your Wedding Day

Planning a party isn’t a simple task as it takes determination, time, and high quality linen rentals to pull off any event that people would talk about for weeks. If you are planning to host a party that does not burn a big hole in your wallet, here are some guidelines to consider, especially if you’re looking for linen rentals.

Create a List of What You Have to Rent for Party

Majority of events, whether small or large scale, call for some things that must be rented. You will need to rent tables, chairs, staging, food equipment, and linen for tables. Aside from that, if you are living in a place with high precipitation, a canopy or tent is a must have to make sure that your guests are dry and tables won’t be ruined. Renting saves you money, time, and space. That is the reason why it makes sense that more and more people go for rentals rather than buying the things they need.

Plan the Event

You have to get down to the brass tacks now. Most of you would say that you will plan, yet often ends up procrastinating until the last minute, more like some things that are a little intimidating. The best way to beat this is getting a planner. It’ll help you take note of all your ideas and would schedule things like florists, musicians, caterer, and an entertainer. There is no greater satisfaction than having a planner. It doesn’t only make your life easier, but also it ensures that everything is according to your plan and organized properly to make the event successful.

Decide the Kind of Event You Want to Host

You might want to host a great dinner party, a tea party, black tie affair with medieval attire, a weekend with your friends, a birthday party or even a graduation party. Once you have decided for the kind of event you want to host, it will be much simpler and easier for you to choose the color schemes, kind of canopy you like, and floral arrangements. You will also know the things you should not forget and items you might need for your event.

Make your party planning venture successful with those tips above. It might seem a bit intimidating to plan your party, it only takes a good provider of linen rentals and other party rental nyc needs to make your event memorable.