5 Secrets About Quartz Countertops You Should Know

Quartz is an amazing material for countertops. It is available in a huge variety of designs and colors, it looks minimal yet stylish and it goes with any kitchen interior. Here are some things you didn’t know about quartz worktops.

Quartz Countertops Are Not Solid

Some of you might think that quartz is a slab, from which countertops are made. Wrong! Quartz is actually not a solid material. All of the quartz countertops you see are mostly made of crushed granite, mica, ceramic silica, glass and other materials. This is not to say that quartz is not composed of actual quartz material.

The mix usually contains some amount of quartz with other additions of different materials as well. This gives quartz its characteristic appearance and strength. It is more suitable to say that quartz is more likely a manmade stone rather than a naturally mined stone or material.

Quartz Is Environmentally Friendly

Quartz is one of the very few countertop materials that are environmentally friendly. You might not know this but quartz is a very eco-friendly material and it is very much sustaining the environment. There is no harm done to the environment, no trees are cut in the process of making quartz countertops. This really is a perfect material for you, if you are conscious about the Earth and want to make better choices to sustain the Earth.

Quartz is also very much non porous, unlike most natural stones, so it doesn’t house any sort of bacteria or fungus inside or on its surface, which makes it even more hygienic and better for you and the surrounding. So, if you are looking for a sustainable option for your kitchen countertops, then quartz is the way to go.

Quartz Is Not A Natural Material

As mentioned previously, quartz is not a natural material. It is not like marble or granite countertop, it is not mined from the bottom of the surface of the Earth by explosives, etc. It is manmade. It is made by pulverizing different materials, like mica, glass, ceramic, marble and granite, and then pressurized together in the form of a slab. Quartz has a unique composition, with actual quartz also being present in it, but in sparse quantities. So, because quartz is not a natural material, you don’t need to seal it, because it is virtually non-porous.

It will not allow any liquid or spill to seep into the surface of the material and weaken it. So, quartz is a great option to go for, if you want a kitchen countertop which is low maintenance and needs less care. It is quite rough and robust and it doesn’t need a lot of care, when it comes to maintaining it regularly and cleaning it is also super easy and fast

Quartz Is Available In Abundance

Science class has always told us that silicon and oxygen are the most abundant materials in the Earth’s crust. Well, the third and most abundant material in the Earth’s crust is quartz. Quartz is available in abundant quantities all over. So, quartz is used in making a variety of things, not just countertops. It is used in a lot of mall floorings, department center flooring and on the walls. If you ever go to a fancy mall or department store, you might not notice it, but the floors are mostly made up of quartz.

Better Than Granite

Granite was considered to be the best of the best material for kitchen countertops. Well, that isn’t true anymore. Quartz is giving granite a run for its money. Quartz is just as durable, just as strong, just as long lasting, as any type of granite in the world. Quartz is also available in a lot of colors and patterns. It is resistant to heat and moisture. There is no need to seal quartz countertops, whereas for granite countertops, sealing is a must. So, keeping all of these things in mind, quartz is a great competitor against granite.

There you have it! These facts and things about quartz countertops will peak your interest. If you want to know more about it, contact a quartz countertop contractor Reston for different types and colors. There are variations with respect to price too so it will be easy to choose the right one.

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