6 Best Practices For Better Furnace Maintenance

Winter season has arrived and it is time to make use of your furnace. If you have not been using your furnace for long, it is important that you run proper maintenance before using it. The reason being that over time dust and debris accumulate and put the burden on the system. This can cause the furnace to breakdown much sooner. So, call in a furnace service and get it repaired and cleaned.

Below, we are going to discuss furnace maintenance best practices that will help keep your heating system running great for years to come.

Get A Tune-Up From A Professional

The best way to maintain your furnace is by scheduling a tune-up from a professional. A professional knows his way around furnaces. Although it is going to cost you, ignoring this factor will increase the likelihood of your system breaking down much earlier. Depending on where you live, it is suggested that you get your furnace maintained by a professional at least once a year. During the maintenance procedure, the professional will inspect the unit and see if anything needs fixing or cleaning. As a result, your system will keep running smoothly for a long time.

Keep The Air Filter Clean

Keeping the air filter clean is key in HVAC systems and furnaces. The reason being that air filters are responsible for cleaning the air pulled from the outside and provided inside the house. With that being said, air filters have a lifespan as well.

Overtime, they will become dirty and dust will accumulate to the point where the furnace will have to work harder to breathe. This puts the system under immense unnecessary pressure.

Therefore, to avoid this situation it is suggested that the air filter is kept clean. If possible, inspect the air filter regularly, especially when your area has been hit by a thunderstorm.

Remove Blockages

One of the key responsibilities of a furnace is to provide a sufficient flow of warm air to the house. However, if you have a duct system installed, you might want to make sure that nothing is blocking any of the ducts. If the air registers or ducts are blocked or closed, the house will not receive warm air evenly.

Keep The Surrounding Area Clear

As mentioned earlier, furnaces need to breathe to provide warm air. It pulls air from the surrounding and therefore, the area around the furnace must be clear. If there are leaves and debris in the area, you would want to remove them. Since the breathing power of these units is quite powerful, you cannot afford something to get stuck inside and cause problems.

Check For Leaks

For the furnace to work efficiently, you need to check for leaks. Make sure to check the windows, doors, and other areas through which warm air could release. In addition to that, inspect the areas where piping is done or air vents are installed as these areas are the most vulnerable in terms of leaking air. While you are at that, check the floors, ceilings, closets, and bathrooms as well.

Set The Thermostat

A common mistake people tend to make when it comes to using heating systems and furnaces is that they turn the system on and off every time to save energy costs. However, this is not the case. Furnaces will save you energy bills if you were to run them at a normal temperature for long hours. For instance, if you are home and awake, set the temperature to as low as you can, enough to make you comfortable.

However, if you are planning to go out, set the temperature between 10 to 15 degrees. According to the Department of Energy, running a furnace for around 8 hours within 10 to 15 degrees is going to save you nearly 10% on annual energy costs.

Final Word

Maintaining a furnace requires vigilance and a reliable professional to inspect it. Furnace systems are not cheap, therefore, you must keep up with the maintenance schedule. With several things to consider, the maintenance tips outlined above will surely help you in setting your furnace system running for many winter seasons to come. Moreover, if your furnace is having problems, this is the right time to get it repaired from furnace repair service McLean.

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