6 Important Balayage Tips From Experts

The famous viral color technique for 2019 is balayage, though it was famous in 1970’s too but it’s popularity in the present can’t be compared to the past. Balayage hair color is famous also, for the fact that a lot of celebrities have favored balayage highlights.

Get the best balayage highlights

Getting the color done and maintaining it is fairly simple, but there are always some tips and hacks that can make it even better. Also, knowing a bit about the color and tips will give you an advantage over the balayage hair salon that you will opt for, which will keep the expert from making any mistakes with your hair.

Getting It Refreshed to Keep the Look Going

Though the whole maintenance thing on balayage is pretty low, but it’s advisable that you check in with the balayage hair salon to get it refreshed every 4 or so months. Just so that your hair keeps looking great. Balayage is good also, because you don’t have to get the roots done every 15 days, you can wait almost half a year before catching up with your colorist. Best part is refreshing doesn’t take as long as the actual color does.

Looking After Your Color

There is so much you can do at home to keep your balayage hair color shinning. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to hair color. Swimming without a cap in a cholerine filled water, hair tools for styling and washing your hair every day with hard shampoos are big NO. All these can be the death of your hair color. Professionals suggest color protect shampoos and conditioners to keep your color fresh. Use purple shampoo and conditioner to keep the blond from getting brassy.

Hair Care Is Equally Important

Like a good canvas is need to paint the perfect picture, similarly, good hair is needed to show off the perfect balayage. If your hair is going dry, frizzy and brittle, then no one will even notice the balayage. It’s very important to keep up with the health if your hair to get the best out of your balayage. Keep your hair from extreme heat damage by using better tools and hair care products. Moisture and condition your hair every alternate day.

Weekly Treatments

No! we don’t mean salon treatments, best treatment that you can give your hair is warm almond oil. Oiling your hair on a weekly basic with warm almond oil can do magic. Massage the oil deep in your hair with the help of your fingers. This will revive the shine of your hair and make the balayage look even more luscious. Tips to get the best out of your oiling treatment; give your hair a warm wash, this will open up the pores, now oil them and let the oil soak in, let the oil sit for a good 2 3 hours or over-night if possible, shampoo and condition afterwards and there, you are done treating your hair to the food it needed.

Consultation and Inspiration

It’s very important to work alongside the colorist to get the perfect color. You part in the whole thing is to tell every possible thing about your hair color history and also show pictures of the balayage hair color style you need. This consultation and inspiration will help the colorist decide what will suit you the best and how to work with your hair history to give you the best balayage color.

Before Balayage Protection

No matter how wonderful balayage is, it is still a chemical treatment, so before going in prepare your hair for balayage. Get a protein treatment and use moisturizing masks to make your hair stronger. This strength will help when the color is applied to your hair. Also, do not wash your hair rigorously before going in for balayage, because the natural oil in your hair will keep your scalp from the chemical damage. Your hair should be clean and dry for the coloring.

A tip here and a tip there can make a huge difference to your balayage hair, so the next time you hot the balayage hair salon Potomac md, shower them with your awesome knowledge if balayage.

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