8 Steps For Building An Outdoor Stone Fireplace

Having an outdoor stone fireplace improves the appeal of your house. It can be used as an area where family members and friends can spend some time relaxing and chatting. And the best part about it is that you can do it yourself although they are best made by masonry contractors. In this blog, we are going to discuss how to build an outdoor stone fireplace.

Create A Design

The first and the most important part of the process is creating a design. Creating a design simply does not mean mapping out the layout. It includes taking measurements, considering the area available and the type and quality of materials used. Keep in mind that building an outdoor stone fireplace is not easy as it seems.

You have to consider different designs, color schemes, and the number of people that can gather around the fireplace without having to experience the chills of the winter season. Therefore, begin by measuring the area where you want to build the fireplace. Then, choose whether you would like a more traditional or contemporary look. Once you are done with the part, move on to the next step.

Create A Concrete Foundation

Next, you need to create a concrete foundation. Although most modern homes come with separate spaces for a stone fireplace, since we are talking about installing an outdoor one, you might have to do some digging and pouring.

With that said, keep in mind that an outdoor stone fireplace cannot be installed wherever you desire. The warmth of the fireplace should reach everyone gathered around the fireplace. At the same time, you need to keep the fireplace away from things that might catch fire.

In addition to that, consider the wind direction as well. The reason is when it gets windy, you wouldn’t want the fire to move in the opposite direction. Find a safe location in your house and create a flat concrete slab. And once you are done digging a ditch, mix and pour concrete.

If the area you have selected has greenery in the surrounding, cover the plants and trees so that the cement mixture does not make its way onto the soil. You will have a tough time removing it once it dries.

Lay Concrete

For this step, you are going to need the help of a friend or family member. Referring to the fireplace design, lay down some cinder blocks while adding a mortar layer between each block. Leave the chimney top for ventilation.

While choosing concrete and other fireplace materials, make sure that you only opt for the best quality. The reason is that you would like the fireplace to last for years to come. Repairing or fixing cracks not only reduces the lifespan of the fireplace but is also complicated.

Build A Frame

Then again, referring to the dimensions you noted earlier, use a chainsaw to cut 2×4 size lumber. Then, use nails to assemble the lumbers. If nails are not an option, use screws with a drill. Make sure to wear protective gear when using electric machines. Chop saw and drilling machines can prove fatal in case of an accident. If you are not aware of the basics, ask someone to cut the lumber for you.

Attach Cement Board

Cut the cement board and then attach to the frame with cement screws. You need to make sure that this step is done the right way. The size of the cement boards needs to be perfect and if you are having a tough time using the chop saw, spend a few bucks and get it done by an exterior improvement expert.

Add Mortar

Following the directions on the packaging, mix the mortar. Grab a trowel and scoop the mortar from a bucket, adding it to the predetermined cement boards. Make sure that you do not take too much time to apply the mortar as it will dry. Therefore, it is best to apply it in sections.

Install Stacked Stone

Now that the mortar has been applied, stick the stacked stones and hold them into place until they stick properly. Continue placing the stones and make sure no space is left between them.

Attach Chimney Cap

Finally, attach a chimney cap and secure it in place using screws on all sides. You can use different types of chimney caps, depending on the type of your stone fireplace. If the fireplace requires an inside-mount chimney cap, you will need to apply some force to push directly into the flue.

Final Word

Following the steps mentioned above will help you build an outdoor stone fireplace just the way you want. The key lies in creating the right concrete mixture, applying the mortar, and ensuring no space is left while sticking the stones to the mortar. Get the services of outdoor fireplace builders Long Island for having a professionally built fireplace for your backyard.

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