A brazilian keratin treatment guide for you

Do you find it hard to manage your hair? If this sounds like you, the chances are that you have already experimented with a range of different things. However, did you try the popular Brazilian keratin straightening treatment yet? Regardless of what your hair are going through, Brazilian treatment can help you manage that disastrous look. This is the main reason why women who are suffering from curly, damaged, or dry hair prefer to get a keratin treatment.

However, what is the Brazilian treatment exactly? And does it really reduce your frizz and makes your hair smoother? In this guide, we will cover everything including the basic knowledge of Brazilian hair treatment. By the end, you will be able to determine whether this treatment is good for you or not.

What is exactly keratin?

Simply put, keratin is a type of protein that is found in the hair. In fact, it can be considered as the building block of our hair and nails. Keratin is made by a very complex combination of different amino acids that includes cysteine.

However, the structure in which these proteins are bounded ultimately determine the look of our hair. For instance, in curly hair, the proteins are structured in a staircase like manner. Similarly, in straight hair, the proteins are structured like a ladder.

Now, it is very much possible to break these bonds and to restructure them from a spiral staircase into a ladder. This is how curly hair are permanently turned straight.

What is the Brazilian keratin treatment?

If you think about it, getting a keratin treatment to strengthen our hair will not sound counterintuitive at all. After all, hour hair structure is actually made up of 95% keratin. So, to use keratin in order to strengthen the hair again makes just enough sense.

The problem with natural keratin in hair is that it gets depleted and easily damaged from day to day activities. This type of degradation is primarily the result of physical damages that includes use of thermal tools and chemical treatments. Similarly, the structure can also get adversely affected due to stress.

Due to all the depletion in the hair, the hair ends up having split ends and looks very brittle. By replaces the keratin, the hair gets a shiny appearance back along with the strength.

This is what the Brazilian keratin treatment revolves around. It also includes lower level of pH in amino acids, which makes it much safer and healthier for the hair. Originating in brazil, this treatment is indeed a breakthrough in the world of fashion.

Nowadays, a big number of women get the Brazilian treatment in order to make their hair smoother and frizz-free.

Is it healthy?

In the past, hair straightening treatment involved chemicals such as thioglycolate which breaks the structure of hair down permanently. As a result of this, huge damage to the hair occurs. Now, these treatments are less popular and almost non-existent.

The Brazilian straightening treatment is a much healthier alternative to that, as it does not cause any permanent damage to the hair. Rather, it uses naturally extracted minerals and proteins to strengthen and shape the structure of the hair.

Ending note

Just make sure that the hair treatment that you are gong for does not include any formaldehyde. This is because formaldehyde is a toxic solution and can damage your hair. Furthermore, it is also reported as a carcinogenic substance. Hence, you should always avoid it at most. If you go to a good keratin treatment salon Rockville, chances are that they will not make use of formaldehyde in their hair treatments.


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