How Do VRF Systems Work?

You might have come across terms like boilers, furnaces, min-splits, etc. However, a Variable Refrigerant Flow system or VRF is something entirely different. These are customizable, effective, and powerful heating and cooling systems that offer a quick return on investment if you get the system of the right size and keep it maintained with the help of HVAC repair services. Let’s discuss!

What Is The Function Of A VRF System?

If you think about the technology incorporated in VRF systems, you will have a hard time wrapping your head around it. However, in simple terms, you can think of them as ductless mini-splits. VRF systems are designed to utilize heat recovery systems or heat pumps to produce powerful cooling and heating for both indoor and outdoor units without needing air ducts.

With that said, a VRF system can have many indoor units that are connected to only one outdoor unit. As an outdoor unit, you can use a heat recovery system or heat pump. If you are wondering about the difference, a heat pump is capable of simultaneous heating and cooling.

Furthermore, the outdoor unit comes with inverter-driven fans that could be adjusted according to the frequency of the power supply. At the same time, the compressor sends refrigerant upon receiving a signal depending on the rate that’s required by individual indoor units.

What Are The Advantages Of A VRF System?

VRF systems tend to offer several advantages. To begin with, VRF systems offer customized heating and cooling when compared to traditional HVAC systems that include options like on or off. Moreover, with VRF systems, you can create zones and adjust the temperature of different parts of your home or office differently.

Furthermore, VRF systems come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, which allows them to be installed almost everywhere. If you have limited space, you can opt for a sleek and compact type. And perhaps the biggest advantage of VRF systems is that they are easy to install as they are compact and aren’t as heavy as ducted HVAC systems.

You can hire a team of experts to install the system without needing any cranes or other heavy equipment for placing them on the rooftop as most VRF systems can fit in service elevators.

Do VRF Systems Require Maintenance?

Yes, VRF systems like the regular HVAC systems require maintenance. First of all, the maintenance of the outdoor unit requires checking the regulating elements and gate valve along with unit cleaning, oil refilling, and pressure reading in the system. Plus, the system also needs to be checked for control and adjustment of the internal nodes and noise and vibration.

On the other hand, the internal nodes are inspected and maintained for Freon pipeline status, thermal insulation nodes, diagnosis of control devices, and flushing of drain systems. If there is a fault in any of the components, the expert will get down to either repairing or replacing it.

How Often Is It Necessary To Carry Out The Maintenance?

Even though the maintenance schedule varies based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, the frequency most relies on the location of the VRF system. If the system is installed or located in a business center or administrative building, the maintenance will be carried out twice a year.

However, if the VRF system is located in supermarkets, restaurants, server rooms, etc. the maintenance will be carried out every month. Maintenance will ensure that the VRF system runs as effectively as possible and serves its purpose well. In case there are any problems, the expert will be able to detect them during the maintenance process before turning them into a serious problem.

Do not try to inspect or experiment with the VRF system yourself. As mentioned earlier, these are slightly complicated machines that require certified experts to inspect and maintain them with relatively fewer risks of injuries and damages.


A VRF system is engineered to offer energy savings, superior comfort, design flexibility, etc. This is a perfect option for both residential and commercial buildings. And since you can customize the VRF systems according to the rooms, it won’t be long until your investment brings noticeable returns. To keep them maintained, consult with commercial air conditioning repair ronkonkoma services.

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