How To Build A Deck On A Budget?

Decks are a great way to add a statement to your house exterior and it does elevate the look of your house. But what if you want to build it cheaply? Well, lucky for you, you can still build a deck on a budget if you follow the advice of deck contractors.

Consider DIY

There’s nothing better than trying to educate yourself on making outdoor structures. They’re not that hard and if you’re thinking about building a deck, that’s not too fancy, then you can certainly build it by yourself. All you need for this is some inspiration, the right tools, and the time to build because even though a deck isn’t that hard to construct, you will still need to take out time to build it. It’s not a 24-hour project, per se.

However, if you’re someone who has no experience in doing handy work around the house, then you might not want to jump into building a deck straight away. So, if that’s the case with you, then you might want to get a contractor or someone who knows handy work involved, because, on your own, you won’t be able to do much. It will cost you way less than getting a professional contractor. Now that’s what you can call smart savings.

Plan It Right

If you want to play it safe with the cost of building a deck, then you will need to master the art of planning. Before even getting into the nitty gritty of building a deck, you need to hit the drawing board and brainstorm the best deck ideas that fit into your budget bracket.

So, planning how the deck will look, where it will have access to entry and exit, and all other things, will help you figure out whether you need all of the details in your deck or not. Planning will also give you a fresh perspective on things and you can easily scratch some things off the deck-building agenda if they seem useless.

Off-Season Building

One of the biggest tips that you can take advantage of, if you want to build your deck on a budget, is to get it constructed during the off-season. There are certain times of the year, when contractors are booked left, right, and center and you can’t get your hands on one unless you pay a hefty price.

It’s recommended that you don’t go for any contractors during this time of the year. Have a bit of patience and wait for the season to pass by, then all contractors will be available and you will get the best deal for your deck.

Don’t Compromise On Quality

With a tight budget, the easiest thing that seems to shave down the cost of a deck is compromising on the quality. Well, that’s not entirely true. You don’t need to get bad materials that aren’t durable if you want to build your deck for cheaper.

If you compromise on the quality of the material you’re using for your deck, then you might as well throw the money down the drain, because both situations are synonymous. A deck built with cheap materials will not last long at all, and you’ll need to splurge on it again to reinforce it and that’s not a smart decision at all. So, select a durable materials. You can compensate for it by getting only affordable deck decoration items.

Scale Down The Additions

Decks having lavish designs, textured panels, and multiple entry and exit points may seem pleasing to the eye, but your wallet will not be happy. So, it’s time to scale down the specifics and go for a simple deck that’s not too flashy or in-your-face, because let’s be real, both decks will serve the same purpose. If you can get one built in at a cheaper price, then which option would you choose? You might already have the answer to it.

Get Multiple Things Done

If you’re looking to build a deck and a pergola, you should get a contractor to offer quote for the whole project instead of hiring separate contractors for building each structure. This will also save your money. Most pergola builders Long Island are also expert in deck building and vice versa so finding an expert won’t be difficult.

Have A Broad Mind About Costs

When building a deck, a lot of the time, people will only keep the cost of building in mind, but there are so many more expenses that need to be thought through before you can decide which deck is the best for you. You want to keep in mind the maintenance costs, the finishing costs, the repair costs down the road, and everything in between.

The building cost is just the initial expense of the deck and you can’t be blindsided by it. So, it’s best that you have an open mind when it comes to costs, and choose the perfect deck-building plan and materials that are going to be budget-friendly in terms of maintenance.

Make It Less Complicated

If you want to build your deck on a budget and you want to get it done by a contractor then you’re going to have to ditch the complications. The more difficult a deck design is, the pricier it will be to build it. So, build a deck that’s not as fancy.

It will not only be budget-friendly, but it will also take a lot less time to complete, and isn’t that always the goal, at the end of the day?

Best Materials On A Budget

Let’s talk about materials. There are a lot of deck materials out there but when you’re on a budget, the options can get filtered out and you have only a handful of materials to choose from. Wood is the most common materials for deck. It’s safe and long-lasting and you can get it installed super easily as well.

If you’re not in the mood for wood, then you can also go for vinyl planks or plywood panels. These options are light on the maintenance side of things and you will thank yourself in the future for choosing these materials.

Build A Ground Level Deck

Decks have a lot of types. There are floating decks, heightened decks, slanted decks, and the list goes on. If you need a budget-friendly type, then choose a ground-level deck. A ground-level deck, as compared to other deck designs, is pretty easy to build and there are not a lot of costs involved.

In other deck designs, the height needs to be added in the form of cement or other materials, and that’s costly if you think about it. So, go for a deck design that doesn’t need any prep and you will be done in no time.

Get Everything Accordingly

Scraps are pretty common in a lot of building and construction projects and a lot of the time, contractors can take the off-sets with them and that’s all of your spent money. So, buy just the amount of things that you need.

In this way, there won’t be any wastage, everything will be used up and if you need something, you can get it from the hardware store in no time.


Building a deck on a budget is possible if you plan it well and choose the low-cost, but moderately durable materials. The cost of the materials and labor is what you need to manage. So, get quotes from some deck builders Port Jefferson to see who gives you the best offer. However, be careful of inexperienced contractors who would do it for cheap and then carry out a poor installation.

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