How To Remodel A Bathroom To Boost The Value Of Your House

There are different goals for doing a bathroom remodel. Some homeowners go through bathroom remodeling to make it more functional for them, some want to update their appearance while others want to add value to their homes.

If you’re looking for a bathroom remodel that increases your home’s value, consider these things.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips That Add Value

Upgrade Tiles And Flooring

Tiles and flooring can the most prominent parts of a bathroom. They can instantly change the appearance of a bathroom if upgraded wisely. Moreover, they also add value to your house because buyers take into account the kind of tiles for walls and flooring your bathrooms have.

When choosing tiles for your bathroom walls and floors, you should consider the material.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are popular for bathroom flooring and walls due to moisture resistance and easy maintenance. They are made of clay, water, and other minerals. There colors and designs in ceramic tiles are many because they are man-made. Moreover, they are durable for tiles. However, they can be slippery when wet, you should use a bath mat on them.

Porcelain Tiles

Another type of bathroom tile that is with there in popularity with ceramic tiles. However, they are considered more durable and scratch resistant than ceramic tiles. If you want a tiling option for walls and flooring that increases the value of your house, porcelain tiles are perfect. They are also easy to clean and won’t fade too easily.

Similar to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles can be slippery as well when wet so use a bath mat or a matte finish.

Limestone Tiles

They are made of a natural mineral called calcium carbonate salt. You can find a diverse array of colors and patterns in limestone tiles. These tiles are long-lasting given that you seal them regularly to prevent deterioration due to moisture.

Moreover, if you’re someone who prefers natural materials, limestone tiles are the cheapest natural tile materials for the bathroom and they still add value to a bathroom. However, they are not as durable as marble tiles.

Mosaic Tiles

They can be made of different materials like stone, glass, or tile. You can recognize them due to their small size and beautiful patterns. If you want amazing designs and patterns along with durability, mosaic tiles are excellent for it. Moreover, they are also easy to clean and don’t get damaged easily with chemical cleaners. However, mosaic tiles are still prone to cracking due to their small size.

Marble Tiles

Marble is considered a luxury material for bathrooms and they add beauty to a bathroom as no engineered material can. You can different hues and designs of marble to create unique designs.

Marble looks amazing, but it’s a natural stone and requires more maintenance than other tile materials like ceramic and porcelain. You need to seal it frequently to avoid moisture damage. Moreover, they can get scratched and cracked so you should be buying extra tiles that you can replace otherwise similar hues may be difficult to find later. They are also costly.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles can be stained and shaped into different designs. They are preferred more for bathroom walls. Glass tiles are easy to clean and resistant to mold growth. They are extremely slippery when wet and best to be used on bathroom walls only.

Update Vanity With Two Sinks

Buyers like to see the maximum use of space so not only vanities are liked by buyers, but they also love two sinks in vanity.

If you want to change a vanity on budget, there are pre-fab vanities that can fit your budget and also please the buyers. However, going the extra mile with a custom vanity can impress anyone who will be checking out the bathroom.

Talk to your bathroom remodel contractor Mount Sinai for choosing a vanity that doesn’t require a new bathroom floor and you can reuse the wall plumbing. This will help you keep the expenses low.

Plumbing Upgrade

This is a tricky upgrade because it won’t directly add value to the bathroom or increase the value of your house. However, if you can prove that you have upgraded your plumbing fewer people will leave the deal out of fear. This is truer for people whose homes are older and the pipes are deteriorating. So, you’re fixing something that will be a hidden cost for the buyer. Buyers will appreciate you and will be more inclined to close the deal.

Heated Flooring

If there is something that can make your bathroom better than others it is heated flooring. It doesn’t improve your home’s value drastically, but buyers would prefer your home over others due to cool features and upgrades like this.

Moreover, if you’re replacing your floors, the in-floor heating can become easier to install. The two common types of underfloor heating:

Dry Underfloor Heating

In dry in-floor heating, electrical resistance elements are used for heating the floor. It has its subtypes. One type is dedicated to tiled floors, and the second type is for flooring other than tiles like laminate, PVC, and even carpets. Moreover, Dry in-floor heating is inexpensive compared to wet in-floor heating.

Wet Underfloor Heating

This option uses pipes laid under the floor that is connected to a boiler. They are easier to install if you’re remodeling your whole house, however, for one room like a bathroom, they may cost more than dry in-floor heating. But keep in mind that the maintenance cost of this type of in-floor heating is lower than dry underfloor heating.

Update Outdated Fixtures

We know that the focus of a new person goes on bigger things like tiles, flooring, vanity, and others, but small things like fixtures can add to the appearance of a bathroom as well. If your fixtures are outdated or not complementing the new design you have chosen, consider replacing them with newer and better fixtures.

This will make the bathroom appear perfect because once the focus will shift from bigger things to smaller things like fixtures, they will be there to impress as well.

More Storage

Adding storage to a bathroom during a remodel is considered compulsory whether you’re doing the remodel for yourself or for selling the house. Therefore, consider adding shelves, built-in cabinets, vanity with cabinets and drawers, wall cabinets, and more. Additionally, if you’re short on space, go for vertical storage to make the most of the space.

Add A Bathtub

If your bathroom is spacy enough to have a bathtub, you should consider one because it’s one of the things that can impress buyers. A bathtub can make any bathroom appear luxurious. However, if your bathroom is smaller, add a glass shower enclosure instead.

Consider A Steam Shower

With a steam shower, you can bring the space to your home. They add value to your house and conserve water because you can get a similar cleaning effect with less usage of water.

However, if you want to keep the costs low, stay with pre-fabricated steam showers. Moreover, make sure to include a steam shower in the remodeling contract so the contractor can plan the installation more easily.


To get the highest ROI, you should replace the tiles and flooring of your bathroom. Moreover, get in touch with a bathroom remodeler to get creative suggestions for adding value to your house. abbruzz

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