Is The Concept Of Soulmate Real Or Myth

The idea of a soulmate goes a long way back. Whether religious or non-religious, people from all types of faith stance seem to fascinate with the perception.

How to find soulmate

“Soulmate” as in ‘another entity – a person which exists in this universe who can understand you 100% or fully knows you’.

The definition of a soulmate differs from person – person. It’s like more the mouths, more the opinions about it.

Religious Concepts

When we see some people, we automatically assume things about them and some of them turn out to be right. In other words, we both get along well. According to some religious beliefs, souls which met before this world, will meet again this world. Due to time spent already (even in another dimension), we seem to be familiar with them.

Also, a soulmate is someone who knows and understands us. It’s like the principles of ‘like dissolves like.’ If souls who got familiar in another universe, maybe they both have a liking in this world too.


In 2001, a national marriage project survey (NMPS) Rutgers University’s Survey, 94% people, comprising of 20 – 29 year olds said: “When you marry, you want your spouse to be your soul mate, first and foremost.” Whereas another 88% people had an opinion: “There is a special person, a soulmate, waiting for you out there.”

Even people who don’t believe, tend to use the word “ideal” in describing what they would want in their future relationship.

People tend to think of soulmates as ‘love at first sight.’ However, complexities arise when they come to know that anticipation is worse than reality.

Speaking in terms of logic, real love is sticking by someone, through thick and thin, despite knowing all the weaknesses. If mankind starts believing into a 100% complete person who can understand you (nothing wrong with that yet. The problem starts when we link our hopes with a person, whom we hardly know before) then it requires a great deal of effort to save your “love”.  

What Should You Do?

“Actions speak louder than words.” Instead of believing, why don’t you try and question the fact? Even if there exists a person, who knows 100% about you. What is the probability that you are going to meet?

Instead of wasting your time over such thoughts, it is better to know about the people. The people you initially like, talk with them, see their strengths and weaknesses. One thing is for certain. No one is 100% perfect. In fact, it is our flaws that make us unique and beautiful in our own ways.

While it’s good to believe up to some extent, reality matters more than your faith. Think about the worst case scenario. Just because your loved one has some weaknesses in your relationship, you start developing a feeling of detachment because of your faith, which doesn’t even have the basis of a logical ground?

There’s a chance that you may sabotage your relationship by being impractical and ignoring the real world. Don’t let this happen to you.

Soulmates may or may not be real, but people around you are real. The best approach would be to gradually develop the traits or qualities you wish to see in your partner, through effective communication and spending quality together.

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