Light Vs Dark Kitchen Countertops – Which Color To Choose

When it comes to kitchen countertops, granite tops the list and you can ask that from any granite contractor. You have a wide array of options when deciding your kitchen countertop such as marble, wood, granite, ceramic or lamination. If you visit any granite workshop or any expert granite contractors they will tell you about the benefits granite offers. Granite is best for the kitchen as it is heat and water resistant, is scratch resistant, is durable and hard, easy to clean and maintain, is recyclable and comes in a variety of colors to choose from. You can visit any granite workshop to choose the different colors.

Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Once you have decided on the material, then comes the choice of colors. Whether you want a light-colored kitchen countertop or a dark colored. This decision will be purely yours but dark and light colors both have some pros and cons. You can ask your granite contractor tell you the advantages and disadvantages of light and dark colors.

Light Colored Countertops

light colors such as beige, off-white, white, light grey look great in kitchens. But also, you have to keep in mind that a light-colored countertop will show specks of dust and dirt, crumbs of different food items, food spills, and water spills will be more obvious and you will have to clean it again and again. Also, light colored countertops will make your kitchen look spacious and are best for small kitchens to make the kitchen look bigger.

Also, if there is no or less natural light in your kitchen then you should go for light colored kitchen countertops top reflect light and make your kitchen look bright. Light colors give you more design options to choose from. As light colors look good with any other tone, you can create a dark-colored contrast with the cabinets and floors or create a complete light-colored look for the whole kitchen which will make it look more inviting.

Dark Colored Countertops

Dark colored countertops such as brown, maroon, black and dark grey look more exotic, appealing and make a bold statement. There are fewer maintenance issues with dark colored countertops as dark colors easily conceal the dirt and dust specks, the general water and food spills and food crumbs. It is not wise to use dark colored countertop in a small kitchen or a kitchen which has no natural light because it will make the kitchen look dark and stuffy.

One more disadvantage of dark countertops is the price as they are expensive as compared to light countertops due to their versatile look and pattern. Also, spills should be immediately wiped on the dark-colored countertop because it will show ignored stains such as oil or watermarks or food stains. You can mix and match the contrasting color kitchen cabinets, flooring, and décor when you go for dark countertops.

Ultimately the decision will yours according to your budget and preferences, you can visit any granite workshop chantilly va so that you can an idea of whether to choose light or dark color for your countertop.

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