How To Build Safety Culture In Your Construction Company

Promoting the culture of “Safety first” in your construction company is not as simple and easy as it might seem to be because it shouldn’t limit your company or workers but it should also encompass the crane rentals you hire. Here are some tips you can follow to promote the safety culture in your construction company.

Make Safety Your First Priority

Safety on the construction site should be seen as a top priority of your construction company. Consider your employees as the biggest asset of your organization, and make sure that they get the best level of security on the work site. This can build trust and make your employees more confident.

By promoting the safety culture on your jobsite, you can decrease the costs and enhance the productivity at the same time. This is because an accident on the jobsite would cause your operations to stop, costing you heavily in turn by increasing the overall costs. Insurance companies also prefer the companies which take proper safety measures on the construction sites.

Train Your Workers Properly

All the safety instructions would go in vain until and unless you properly train your workers by giving them a proper safety training to practice. Let your employees know that you put their safety in the first place.

Make proper safety training a habit of your company. You can help them learn all the safety tips in small training sessions that can be carried out whenever you have spare time. Ongoing training helps your employees in retaining what they learn in each session.

Make Proper Infrastructure

In addition to arranging the training sessions for your employees, you should also take one employee from each section of your business and make a committee to constantly review and upgrade any safety equipment present in your organization. This committee can also be tasked with reviewing every jobsite and preparing a safety plan depending on the specific conditions that exist on that site.

Make a proper feedback mechanism and gear the concerns of your employees related to their safety. Once the plan is ready, arrange a meeting and let every worker know what the requirements are. You can also give some of the employees proper first aid training to deal with any accidents that might happen on the work site. After every accident, analyze all the things that went wrong and try to avoid that in the future.

The employees that you nominate for the safety committee would feel more valuable, and they’ll emphasize the importance of taking proper safety measures on any construction site. So, a proper infrastructure can help you prevent many injuries and keep your workers away from injuries.

Promote Accountability

Usually, most of the burden is transferred to the safety managers, but the fact is that every worker should be equally accountable for the work site safety. Anyone that uses unsafe practices might put the life of others and themselves at risk. Make sure every worker is well aware of the safety rules, and anyone who breaks those rules must be held accountable.

Empower your employees to report any unsafe conditions on the construction site like a boom truck malfunction or any other issue. The work should be stopped and the safety risk should be resolved when any danger is reported.

Make a Rewarding System to Encourage the Good Workers

Keep track of all the employees and reward the ones who strictly follow the safety precautions. The employees wearing all the safety equipment, giving suggestions, spotting safety risks and following the rules should be rewarded on a monthly or yearly basis.

Also, track down the workers who lack on following the safety precautions and try to educate them too.

Arrange Meetings

On a normal work day, your safety team should survey the work site before starting the work and after ending the day for any potential safety risks. Also, employees can also keep their eyes open throughout the day to detect any possible safety risks. This can enhance the safety of your workers while they’re busy working.

Depending on the type of work that’d go down on a specific work day and whether you rent crane truck DC or hire other services, you can hold a meeting and convey the safety tips to follow for that particular day. Also, take feedback from your employees and try addressing their concerns as soon as possible.

Boom Truck Vs Crane – How They Work

Boom trucks and cranes – the two masterpieces of civil engineering. In a world of today, we cannot imagine construction without them.  Often at times, they mix one another and try to call one another with the same names. There are also hybrids of boom truck crane rentals which are not very commonly known.

All you need to know about boom truck crane rentals

The credit of making construction easy goes to both of them.  Surely everything is great and all but most people don’t know a difference about boom trucks and cranes. The following article will help you understand more about boom trucks and cranes.

Boom Trucks Rentals

Good old boom trucks – as the name indicates, they are a type of truck. A heavy vehicle which can move from one place to another. They have a winch which helps to lift things up.

Boom trucks are commonly utilized in the construction industry. Unlike cranes, they are very much portable and have vast practical uses due to the fact that they can pretty much move to any area and perform lifting of goods. The most common type of boom truck crane rental is known as a “boom crane” It is fair to say that it is a hybrid of boom truck and crane. It can be transported from one side to another and can also lift heavy goods. In addition to construction, boom trucks are also used for giving a heighted platform to linemen and technicians so that they can repair electric and telephone wires easily.

The drawback of a boom truck is that although it can lift very heavy stuff off the earth, it cannot lift as efficiently as a crane. Well…Nobody is perfect. Gotta make the best use of what’s easily available next to you.

Cranes Rentals

Cranes are globally used construction vehicles. As compared to boom trucks, they are more exposed to the world. There are 4 general ingredients which make up a crane. These are cables, chains, ropes and a winder. Depending from model – model, every model of crane rental has different capacity to load materials.

There are two types of crane rentals – movable and immovable. Movable cranes are pretty much like boom trucks, but they can lift heavier loads. Also, arguably they are somewhat bigger and kind of heavier than boom trucks.

Immovable cranes are mostly used in place where there is not much distance to be covered via movement rather, you need to perform the basic functionality of a crane i.e. to lift heavy goods from one place to another. Immovable cranes are mostly utilized in shipping yards.

So, Which Is Better?

This is like comparing apples with oranges. You simply cannot compare one another. Both are important and the world of construction needs both. While one maybe cheaper and heavier and can lift heavier loads, it certainly won’t be flexible enough to travel easily from one place to another.

When working on a construction project, loads of factors have to be included before making a final judgment about utilizing either a boom truck or a crane. Cost of money, feasibility of transportation, efficiency of work and skilled manpower required to operate complex boom truck rentals and crane rentals va are just a small part of the greater food for thought of implementing the right decision to finesse the construction output.