Teflon vs Paint Protection Film – Which One Is Better

If you have just purchased a new car, you need to protect it and keep it looking as good as new. The good news is that there are several car bodywork protection films such as Teflon and PPF that are designed just for that. Let’s take a look into why your newly purchased vehicle needs them and which type of protection is better for your car.

Teflon Coating

Teflon coating as compared to paint protection films has been less popular in the past years. However, it has gradually caught on. Similar to paint protection films, Teflon coatings are also engineered to protect the vehicle’s paint. However, it is a bit different from PPF. Teflon coatings are a chemical form of synthetic fluoropolymer that is non-sticky in nature and helps reduce friction when applied. Furthermore, Teflon coating also protects the vehicle from wear and tear in extreme weather conditions.

Advantages Of Teflon Coatings

Teflon coatings offer several advantages to a vehicle. To begin with, these coatings provide your vehicle with an extreme shine for years to come. Furthermore, the application of Teflon coating helps the paint become clear of minor imperfections. Although vehicles come with a high gloss paint finish from the showroom, applying a Teflon coating is going to further elevate the gloss.

Why Is Teflon Coating Bad?

Even though there is nothing “bad” about applying Teflon coatings on cars, the fact of the matter is that there is too much fraud and scam. The thing is that Teflon is a registered patent of DuPont and today a part of Chemours India. Therefore, most details out there take the customers on a ride by merely polishing and washing the vehicle. This means that such car detailing shops do not have such products available and therefore, the same benefits cannot be achieved.

And since most customers are not familiar with the basics of such car detailing items, the detailing shops easily get away with it.

PPF vs Teflon

When comparing Teflon with paint protection film, there is a huge price difference. Although prices vary based on the type and size of the vehicle, PPF tends to be more expensive than Teflon coatings. Therefore, Teflon coatings tend to be more budget-friendly. It is for those who cannot afford to install paint protection films on their vehicles and own small to medium-sized vehicles.

On the other hand, the benefits offered by PPFs are far more than Teflon coatings. For instance, Paint protection films outlive Teflon coatings and offer better protection. And plus, paint protection films also come with several years of warranty.

PPF Advantages

Similar to Teflon, PPFs offer a variety of advantages as well. Essentially, PPFs were designed to protect the vehicle’s paint. This means that these films protect the vehicle from minor scratches and bruises. However, it cannot help against major impacts.

However, to install a PPF film, a lot of preparation work needs to be done to ensure that the film bonds properly to the paint. If it doesn’t, the life of the film will be reduced. Moreover, paint protection films are designed to last for 2-3 years on average depending on the maintenance but if not looked well after, they could be gone within a year. And since it is expensive, you have every reason to keep it healthy.

Which One Is Best For Your Car?

Choosing between Teflon and PPF depends on your needs and budget. If you can afford and own an expensive vehicle, you should go for paint protection film. However, if you own a comparatively smaller-sized vehicle, then Teflon coating is going to be the best option. Teflon coatings tend to increase gloss while paint protection films protect your vehicle’s paint. However, keep in mind that both types require proper paint preparation and curing time.

Final Word

In the end, both paint protection films and Teflon coatings have more or less the same benefits to offer. However, the real difference lies in the price. While PPFs almost cost twice, Teflon coatings tend to be affordable. Therefore, the question of which is the best is primarily based on the type of vehicle you own and your budget. Plus, ensure that you’re going to certified 3m paint protection film installers Springfield for the purpose.

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