Top 9 Myths And Misconceptions Related To Roofing

A number of myths and misconceptions have been associated with roofing, according to roof repair services. The interesting thing is that they have not been clarified by the roofers. So, we have decided to enlist all important myths attached with roofing and find out what the truth is behind.

Things to know about roof repair

New Roofing Materials

It is said that when you have to repair an old roof, you can just place the new material on the old roof without removing the previous material. This misconception was not even addressed by the roof repair services or roofers. So it has prevailed all over here and people actually believe it. But the fact is that new material placed on the old material does the same damage as does the old material. Always remove the previous material before you install the new roofs.

Metal Roofs Not Ideal for Winter

It is believed by the masses that metal roofs are not good for winter and cold seasons. However, the fact is that health and safety a roof provides to the rooms depends on the insulation. The material has no particular role when it comes to any weather. But the attic insulation should be strong and protective. This is the insulation that keeps rooms and the buildings warm in winter.

All Asphalt Shingles Are Same

Shingles are popular because they are durable and provide a strong roofing material. People believe all the roofing shingles are same when it comes to their age, durability and endurance. However, roof repair services and roofers remark that they are not same. Some shingles can last for 50 years with better endurance while others have lower ages. The roof repairing services even don’t offer lifetime guarantee so how can you say they all are same?

Green Roofs Are Not Popular

People have been fed with the wrong information about green roofs. Majority believes they are popular. Here we have some facts that prove the green roofs are really popular. They are popular in the US, before this they were hot favorite in Europe and other countries, Chicago won the credit of best green roofs, Washington has 20% of green roofs and other states are also going for green roofs.

Attic Insulation Saves Energy

Attic insulation is popular and is believed to save more energy. However, extra layers and covering the whole roof with insulation prevents ventilation. The number of insulation layers promote moisture that penetrates deeper and damages all the insulation layers. Moreover, the insulation also changes the temperature of the walls and inside the rooms. They should be used where needed and such myths should not be believed.

Gutters Don’t Affect Roofs

People believe gutters are part of a separate system, the system that makes rainwater flow down, and this is something they are really wrong about. With this understanding, the gutters don’t get the attention and care they deserve. That causes serious roof problems, according to roofers. A roof is designed in a way that it facilitates the rainwater is gutters. The health and durability of the roof is dependent on an active gutter system. Ultimately, the rainwater stays on roofs and they are collapsed a long before they should.

Roof Inspection is Not Necessary

Roof lifts the whole building and without a strong and properly maintained roof, you cannot be sure about the life of your structure. People say roof inspection is not necessary until a damage is done to it. In other words, a roof should only be inspected when it needs repairing. However, on the factual side, you should take care of the roods and inspect them regularly in order to prevent any damages.

More Insulation is Good

Apparently, this seems to be true and this is the reason why people believe in this myth. However, the more layers of insulation do no good to the roof. Rather they are somehow harmful. The moisture disturbs the insulations and all the layers are then disturbed.

Metal Roofs Attract More Lightning

This seems to be a weird myth have believed over the years. Metal roofs don’t attract lightning. Rather they conduct heat. They are really good when it comes to lightning dangers. They don’t catch fire like other wooden and flammable materials. Due to this benefit of roofers, they are more popular these days.

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