What Type Of Pool Is The Easiest To Maintain

Pools are mostly made of materials like fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl. There are several factors that go into consideration while choosing the perfect type such as budget, maintenance, and available area. The most popular preference of homeowners is that they want something easy to maintain and ask swimming pool builders about it. So, let’s take a look into the different types of pools and how easy it is to maintain them.

Concrete Pools

The first option on the list is concrete pools. Concrete pools are well-known for their longevity. If you are willing to look after a concrete pool, it will easily last more than 50 years without any cracks or major replacements or fixes. The rough and extremely rigid nature of concrete makes the concrete pools withstand all kinds of wear and tear.

However, the downside to concrete pools is that the aspects adding to the durability are the same that add to the maintenance efforts. The rough texture is heaven for algae to grow. One of the most common problems with concrete pools is that if you do not look after them, algae will grow and it can sometimes grow in areas that make it quite difficult to remove.

This is why you must have seen concrete pool owners scrub pool walls to prevent algae buildup. And that’s not it. You will need to use additional chemicals to keep the contaminants at a minimum. Unfortunately, these chemicals tend to erode the surface of the pool.

This leads to expensive fixes down the road. Fixing a concrete pool is not easy at all. It requires a double amount of effort and labor as compared to fiberglass and vinyl pools to fix cracks in concrete pools . As a result, the cost significantly increases as well. And then, there is pool resurfacing. A concrete pool needs it every 10 years.

Vinyl Liner Pools

When compared to the rough texture of concrete pools, the vinyl liner pools are much smoother. However, this does not mean they are without their drawbacks or maintenance. Vinyl pools have a porous texture, which means they can hold algae like concrete pools as well. That said, it is important for homeowners to keep a proper chemical balance to prevent algae and bacteria buildup.

On the other hand, another bad news is that even if you were to look after the vinyl liner pools, they will need to be replaced approximately after every 5 years. That is the average life of vinyl liners. Since the material tends to be soft, it is easy for something or someone to scrape or puncture it.

In the case of puncturing a vinyl liner pool, you will need to get the vinyl replaced. Some people tend to get that area fixed but the repairs do not last long.

Fiberglass Pools

Finally, fiberglass pools tend to be amongst the most common options. The reason is that fiberglass pools are ready-made and you simply need to purchase and install them in your house. You do not need to do a load of digging and all that just like in the case of concrete pools.

At the same time, fiberglass pools are also low maintenance. The surface and texture of fiberglass pools are extremely smooth, which resists algae buildup. Moreover, little to no scrubbing is required and the surface isn’t porous either.

In addition to that, fiberglass itself is a very durable material. It is also used in several other applications such as cars and animal sheds. On top of that, they do not require resurfacing as well. All these benefits make fiberglass perhaps the most popular option.

Can I Maintain the Pool Myself?

Yes, regardless of the type and materials used, homeowners can maintain their pools themselves if they are willing to put in time and effort. However, the pools will still need a professional looking after them at least once every year to help fix cracks or damages beforehand.

If the homeowners find the maintenance process overwhelming, better call in an expert who will charge you for his/her services but ensure that your pool looks brand new each time.

Final Word

Concluding, fiberglass pools tend to be the easiest to maintain. It basically depends on the amount of time and effort one is willing to put into maintenance. Otherwise, some people prefer concrete pools for longevity given that they develop algae and a lot of scrubbing and cleaning is needed to remove the contaminants. Also, take the advice of your patio contractor Long Island when choosing the pool type.

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