Advantages and disadvantages of steam ovens

Steam ovens come with many different advantages and disadvantages. The main reason why many people prefer steam ovens over other types is that they can cook healthier food with the best flavor. However, steam ovens are not expensive and have some maintenance costs. These include the occasional oven repair and inspection costs.

Pros and cons of steam ovens

No appliance is fully perfect. Just like that, steam ovens also have their drawbacks along with advantages. However, all you must determine is whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages for your case. That is what we are going to help you with, in this article.

First, let us look at the basics.

What is a steam oven?

A steam oven is a type of appliance that converts water into steam and then uses the steam to cook the food. On the other hand, standard ovens use the principle of convection to heat the air in the oven, which in turn cooks the food. However, in steam ovens, the steam is hot enough to cook the food.

Steam ovens feature a unit with a single wall. However, some countertop models are also available in the market. Sometimes, wall-mounted ovens also come with multiple options that include both steam and standard convection.

Working of a steam oven

Steam ovens work by heating up the water to its boiling point. For that, it uses electricity. Steam ovens come with boilers that are enclosed within the unit and must be filled up with water before the cooking session. The filling can be done through small compartments that are usually located in the front. Other types of steam ovens constantly use water from the water supply of your house. This takes away the need for constant refilling.

After conversion in steam, the steam is released into the cavity of the oven. As a result of this, the food gets cooked throughout due to the moist heat. Since water conducts heat much faster, steam ovens can cook food faster as compared with convection ovens.

Pros and cons

Well, steam ovens offer a healthier cooker alternative as compared with standard ovens. In standard ovens, the food is kept moist with the help of oil or butter during the cooking process. This prevents the food from drying out. On the other hand, in steam ovens, you do not have to add oils to the food. Hence, the end-product is much healthier and free from extra fats.

When the food retains its original moisture, it has a better taste and improved texture. The color is also more vibrant with better flavor. That is why the best restaurants in the world use steam ovens.

Furthermore, the cooking time is also much better since water conducts heat much better in comparison with air. So, in comparison with standard ovens, steam ovens can cook food twice as fast.

However, the biggest con of a steam oven would be its price. These are far more expensive as compared with standard ovens. Furthermore, the operation costs can also be slightly higher. Their temperature range is also limited since water can only be heated up to its boiling point.

Constant refilling is another con of steam ovens. However, if you buy units that get water constantly from your home water supply, this problem will be solved.


Overall, steam ovens are a much better option if you can afford them. They allow you to prepare healthier food in a faster time. However, be prepared to occasionally get maintenance by calling good appliance repair Fairfax companies. Always take help from the best companies if you want decent results. This way, you can get the best value.

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