What Are The Common Hand Injuries

Your hands are probably the most used part of your body. You use it for almost anything and everything. The hand and wrist joints are very sensitive and can be prone to injuries. Here are the most common hand and wrist injuries reported by hand injury physicians.

Thumb Sprain

Sprains are very common to occur in the hands. It is basically the overstretching of the ligaments. Ligaments are the soft tissues that connect one bone with the other. A sprain can be caused by doing a lot of strenuous activities with the hand. A sprained thumb can be caused by heavy lifting, stretching, or overexerting the hand. The ligaments are connected to the thumb and join other small bones in the thumb.

Thumb sprains are common and they can be quite painful for the time being. You will be unable to use your thumb if it is sprained.

Finger Fractures

Our fingers consist of a number of joints. This is what makes the fingers super flexible and easy to work with. The joints in the finger can be prone to fractures too. These are micro-fractures that can be fixed in a quicker time period than normal bone fractures, but nonetheless, it hurts the same and your fingers are unable to do any work like bending, squeezing, and gripping something. Fractures can occur if your hand is smashed or a heavy object falls on your hand with great force.

Wrist Sprain

The wrist is a complicated joint of bones. There are many important nerves and veins going through the wrist as well. Wrist sprains are very common to occur in people who lift heavy weights a lot. Your wrist can only take so much weight and if the impact is too much, then the soft tissues in the wrist holding the bones together can become stretched and it can hurt very bad. You will be unable to move or rotate your wrist and depending on the severity of the sprain, you might also have difficulty in moving or flexing your fingers.

Hand Joint Fracture

Hand fractures are mostly the fractures that occur in the metacarpals and the phalanges of your hand. The metacarpals are the bones that are just before your knuckles, while the phalanges are the small sets of bones in your fingers. These are very common injuries and they also occur in people who play a lot of sports and who engage their hands a lot in throwing and swinging. These injuries are not as serious and they can be healed in no time at all. Some rest, physical therapy, and a good diet are the things you need to fix your hand.

Baseball Finger

This is a very common sports injury in people who play the ball a lot. This happens when the ball hits too hard on the tip of your finger, bending it backward. The severity of this injury depends on how hard the ball hits your finger. It can cause fractures and it can also shatter the bone. This can be quite painful and the finger can be seriously damaged and injured if it is not taken care of straight away. The finger is casted after examining it, looking for any fractures and cracks that the ball might have caused.

Tendon Injuries And Tears

Tendons are the soft tissues that hold the flesh with the bone. These tissues can be torn or stretched beyond their limit too. Any injury to the hand caused due to tearing in the tendon is known as a tendon injury. You can tear your tendon very easily. It can be caused by overexertion of the hand, stretching your fingers too much, or any other high force. Tendon injuries take a while to heal, so it’s better to give your hand the rest it needs and try to take it easy for a while.


There you have it! These injuries can really affect the movement and work of your hands and you need to stay on top of your game if you want these injuries to heal faster, so you can move on with normal and important life activities. In some cases, you need to see a hand injury specialist Woodbridge for diagnosis and treatment.

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