How Can I Make My Outdoor Wedding More Comfortable

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but they also need to be comfortable, especially in the colder and hotter months of the year. Make sure to get wedding tent rentals on board to take care of major things Here are some amazing tips by which you can make sure that your outdoor event is comfortable and enjoyable.

Tents Are Your Best Friends

If you are having your wedding on a hot summer day, then you definitely need some sort of protection against the sun, especially if the event is outdoor and there is no indoor reception. This is why tents are your best friends.

Tents are amazing because they will keep you and the guests shielded from the sun and it also adds a rustic look to your wedding and the pictures are beautiful. Make sure to get creative with the tent colors and ideas and have them draped all over the area in an artistic way.

Refreshments And Hydration

The last thing you need is to keep your guests dehydrated during the course of the wedding. This is why refreshments and fresh drinks are great to beat the summer heat and make the guests more comfortable. You can get creative with the fruit drink ideas as it’s summer and there are so many tropical fruits and options for you to choose from. These options are so much better and tastier than plain water and it makes for a perfect wedding beverage.

Keep It Cool

If you want to make sure that your event is breezy, literally, then you can install fans all over the outdoor reception area. Fans are a great way to keep the event breezy and the cool air from the fan really helps to keep the heat away from you.

Fans or coolers are a great addition to your outdoor wedding because they will keep the guests comfortable and no one will complain about the summer heat. If you can splurge, then air conditioning is also an option in the open area, although it is quite an expensive way to keep the outdoors comfortable and breezy.

Foods According To The Weather

Another great thing you can do to make the outdoor wedding a bit more refreshing and comfortable is by including fresh options in the wedding menu. Having light foods like ceviche, fresh vegetables sided with yummy poultry and cold beverages is going to make the whole wedding a lot better and the cool foods will naturally cool you down from the inside.

Avoid creamy and hearty foods like pasta, creamy sauces, and heavy main courses. This will only make you feel more uncomfortable and most people don’t care for heavy foods which are hard to digest, especially in the hot summer weather.

Keep The Sun Away

Tents are a great way to keep the sun away, but another way to protect your eyes and face from the blazing sun is by using sunglasses. Sunglasses are not only going to protect you from the sun, but they are a great and chic accessory to add to your wedding attire.

Pictures with sunglasses look amazing and you don’t have to worry about squinting your eyes in pictures when taking pictures outside. So, when in doubt, pop on your sunglasses and call it a day.

Say No To Bugs

Outdoor means nature and bugs and insects are almost inevitable. In order to make sure that your guests don’t become a target for bugs and mosquitoes, then it’s good to distribute bug spray and mosquito repellent lotion all throughout the wedding reception. This is a great gesture and your guests will appreciate it if you are looking after them.

You can add these things to the wedding favor bags which you will end up distributing among the guests. It’s good to give practical things, especially at an outdoor wedding, to make the whole event a lot more comfortable.


There you have it! You need to keep the comfort and practicality of outdoor events in your mind. The last thing you want to do is be uncomfortable and not enjoy your big day at all. Create a plan with the people you will manage the wedding and include wedding party rentals Rockland NY and vendors in it for a comfortable and stress-free outdoor wedding.

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