How To Color Previously Colored Hair

Have you changed your mood? And now you want to give your hair some other color. Or you’re just maintaining your pre-dyed hair and want to do it without going to a hair highlights salon?

Recoloring your hair always needs some tips and tricks. In this blog post, I’ll cover those extra factors that add to the mix when you’re re-dyeing your hair. There’s so much to cover. Let’s dig in.

Care Tips Before You Start

Wait 4-7 Weeks Before You Re-Dye

Your hair is sensitive to the colors and chemicals in it. And dyeing your hair quite often will result in extensive hair damage and breakage. It’ll make your hair go thin and damaged. Therefore, it is better to re-color your hair at least after 4-7 weeks of the first coloring process.

Brush Your Hair Properly Before The Process

For a smooth end result and an even tone, brush your hair. It’ll remove all the tangles. And also, it will help you to apply the color all over your hair properly.

Avoid Re-Dyeing If Your Hair Is Already Damaged

Just like your skin, your hair needs care. And after coloring your hair for balayage or ombre, they need double care. Apply hair care products regularly. And never re-dye your hair if they’re already damaged, for it will only result in even more damage and less effective end results.

Keeping The Same Tone

When you find your color, you probably want to keep it as fresh and vibrant as new. But with time, new hair growths make your hair color go dull. Re-dyeing is the end solution.

There’s a rule of thumb for maintaining your dye tone. Color the roots only! This way, they’ll mix with your hair. On the contrary, it’ll appear fake and way darker if you color your hair throughout the length.

If you want the same newness and shine in your hair as in the newly dyed roots, Pro-tip. Experts would suggest you apply the leftover color mixture throughout your hair just before rinsing them off with water.

Are You Ready To Go Dark?

Mood swings make you take big turns! So, if you first dyed your hair the same as your base color or went a shade lighter, and now you want a darker tone. You can achieve it at home easily. Patience is the key.


Well, it’s not that open the kit and go darker. You have to go step-by-step. First, color your hair two shades lighter than your desired tone. And then, go a shade or two darker according to what result you want.

Going Light

Coloring your pre-dyed hair lighter is a little tricky. You have to know this thing that color does not lift color. And especially going for the lighter tone after the darker one isn’t easy. Also, coloring your hair light is harsh on your hair. If not done carefully and correctly, you’ll end up having damage and breakage.

So, to color your hair lighter, first, you have to get rid of the darker tone. Bleaching can help. This way, you can get a lighter base color. And for the best results, apply the lighter shade after 48 hours of the bleach wash.

Covering Highlights

Are you done with the highlights? And now you want to go back to the same single tone. Surprisingly, even that is possible to do at home.

It is a little tricky. And so, if you want to take the help of a professional, go for it. But, if you’re going to try it out yourself, let me tell you what to do.

When you highlight your hair strips, you go for the lighter tone. Now, you need a color fill. So that you can fill that pigment to have an even and vibrant style.

Keeping Lights?

Re-dyeing is fun. But you have to be careful while recoloring your hair with the highlights you never want to lose. And the process gets trickier and trickier with every custom option you add. Like, either you want to go light or dark?

But if you only want to color your gray roots. Then, it’s simple. Just give your new roots your base color. And be careful not to apply that color on the highlights. Also, start from the front hairline. And then go towards the back of your head layer after layer.

If you can’t afford any mistakes to happen in the process, then we recommend going to a balayage salon. Hypno

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