What Is A Convection Steamer And Why It’s Popular In Restaurants

Steamers are being used in many restaurants these days. These awesome cooking appliances allow the chefs to retain the natural taste and texture of the food while cooking it in a healthy way. Thanks to their benefits, commercial convection steamers are being widely used in restaurants as a primary equipment to cook food. Steamers have been around in the market for a while now, and there are lots of improved and modern convection steamers which can be used in commercial kitchens without any problems. They only need scheduled maintenance from commercial steamer repair services to last may years.

Types Of Steamers

Commercial convection steamers come in various different types which fit different cooking styles and conditions. Usually, convection steamers, pressure steamers, and pressureless steamers are the best types of commercial steamers being used in restaurants these days.

In this blog, we will only talk about commercial convection steamers, and why they are so popular in restaurants.

Commercial Convection Steamers

Convection steamers are the most popular type of steamers available in the market. These steamers have boilers and steam compartments which work together to make the steamer work properly. The steaming part of these steamers are vented and are pressureless. Commercial convection steamers can be conveniently used to cook a wide variety of foods. Additionally, these steamers also have their own subcategories, which are very popular in commercial kitchens.

By using a convection steamer, you can cook food with the help of convection and steam. These steamers work just like regular commercial steamers, but also have convection fans installed in them which work alongside steam to cook the food evenly, and in a better way as compared to regular commercial steamers. These steamers are therefore way more energy efficient as compared to their counterparts, and can be used with both gas and electricity based on your business needs.

Commercial convection steamers are the best choice for restaurants which oversee food, and have lots of customers at the same time. In these kitchens, convection steamers take up very little space, and can produce high-quality and evenly cooked food in bulk quantity and at a consistent pace without any chances of burning it.

Here are some of the different subcategories of commercial convection steamers.

Connectionless Steamers

Connectionless convection steamers are known for having no water supply and drainage system. Rather, you have to manually load them up with water from which the steamer makes its steam. The main benefit of investing in these steamers for your commercial kitchen is that they are free of any issues related to the water supply and drainage systems.

Boilerless Steamers

Boilerless convection steamers are another type of steamers used in commercial kitchens. These steamers are known to have a water supply and drainage system, but they also illuminate the need for filling your steamer up with water manually. Usually, steamers can be really large, and will require a significant amount of space in your commercial kitchen. Additionally, these are really hard to maintain in the long run, as the boiler comes with its own complications. That’s why boilerless steamers are so popular in commercial kitchens. These steamers do not have a water boiler, as they have a separate compartment below the steaming section to collect the water after the cooking is done. This way, you can also save a lot of water by reducing the need of refilling the steamer every once in a while. These steamers are also widely popular with many restaurants these days.

The main reason why commercial convection steamers without a boiler are so popular in restaurants is that they require less space to fit perfectly in your commercial kitchen. They can fit easily both in the kitchens of large and small restaurants.

So, we can safely conclude that commercial conviction steamers are widely popular with businesses because of multiple reasons. One is that steaming is a better alternative to using oil for cooking, which can be very unhealthy in various circumstances. The second reason is that these steamers are energy-efficient, and can easily fit in the kitchens of both small and large restaurants.


These were the reasons why convection steamers are so popular these days. Moreover, make sure to maintain your commercial steamer with the help of commercial appliances repair Alexandria companies to ensure a longer lifespan.

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