How To Extend The Life Of Your Dishwasher

We millennials have become overly obsessed with our appliances. You can even call this overdependence syndrome. No matter how the world sees this, we can’t function without them.  A dishwasher is one of those appliances that we can’t do without. Manufactures say dishwashers can function 10 years on a stretch. But what aspects should we consider to keep them going trouble-free for a decade without having to do a dishwasher repair? Read below.

Clean All Solid Residues

Before loading your dishwasher, make sure that all solid bits of food residue has been cleaned. You don’t need to pre-rinse the dishes; just get rid of the solid waste like bones, leftover food, or any such thing. This solid waste will clog the drain of your dishwasher and cause a blockage.

Give The Filter A Much-Needed Wash

Just beneath your lower rack, you can see a plastic cylinder that is screwable. Screw it and take it out and rinse it thoroughly under clean tap water. You can even use a soft brush and soap to remove any resilient food residue. Beware of any scouring steel or hard brushes as these may damage your filter. If by chance you notice any holes, remove your filter as soon as possible. The debris will make its way through the filter and cause havoc with the grinding motors, which are very costly to repair.

Thorough Clean The Dishwasher Seal

This seal acts as a barrier for the water, stopping it from making its way out. This is where you will notice stuck food particles. After every couple of weeks use a clean rag and some vinegar to clean this area. Failure to do so will result in fungus and mold formation. Even your dishwasher door won’t close properly. Avoid using hard brushes, metal scourers, bleach-based wipes, abrasives, and strong chemicals on the seal of the dishwasher.

Clean Hard Water Residue Periodically

If you live in an area that has hard water running through the lines, you need to be extra vigilant about your dishwasher’s performance. One way out is the installation of a water softener system. Otherwise, you will notice mineral deposits and discoloration of your dishwasher’s interior. Use a regeneration salt inside your dishwasher to avoid clouding or spotting. This salt will keep the mineral deposits off it and keep your dishwasher clean. Alternatively go for a citric acid-based cleaner once a month.

Keep An Eye On The Spray Nozzles

The optimum performance of your dishwasher depends on your nozzle sprays. If they get clogged with food particles or grease, you will notice that they are spraying in an uneven direction. Your dishes won’t clean properly, and you will have to rewash them. Give your nozzle sprays a hand using a toothpick and they will be as good as new.

Keep Your Racks Rustproof

The racks of your dishwasher are covered with a protective coating. Over time, the coating will chip off revealing the metal frame. You need to address this issue immediately. The corroded rack will shed off small shards of rusted metal causing a serious blockage in the drain of your dishwasher. Coat them with vinyl paint or replace the tine tips.

Don’t Overload Your Dishwasher

If you think that you can conserve power and water by overloading, you are wrong. This will do more harm than good. The additional load will compromise the performance of your appliance. The crowd inside will hamper the water and detergent to deep clean your dishes. Similarly running a partial load will also not be good for your dishwasher’s life in the long run.

Don’t Consider Washing Anything Else Besides Dishes

The internet is going mad. People are coming up with novel ideas about cleaning all their home stuff inside the dishwasher. Remember that your dishwasher is a fragile appliance not intended for joggers, clothes, stuff toys, car mats, car spare parts, and all such gunk. The dirt and debris from the aforementioned things will clog your drain and cause appliance damage beyond repair.


Therefore, if you want to see your dishwasher performing well for nearly a decade, keep the aforementioned tips in mind and your dishwasher will be as good as new. Never hesitate to call in an appliance repair Fairfax service if the dishwasher is not working properly.

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