What To Consider When Choosing A Paint Protection Film Installer

When it comes to paint protecting your car, there are a lot of options. However, PPF or Paint Protection Film is the most advanced and expensive amongst the others. Although many detailing centers happen to offer car bodywork protection film installation but not everyone gets it done the right way. Therefore, if you are looking to get a Paint Protection Film installed on your vehicle, you might want to consider some important factors. Let’s discuss!

About Paint Protection Films

Before we discuss important things to consider, we must talk a little bit about paint protection films. As mentioned earlier, paint protection films are the ultimate paint protectants. Not only do these films protect the paint but provide optimum gloss and shine as well. It is made of polyurethane or polymer film that is cut according to the dimensions of the vehicle and installed to protect it from scratches, UV rays, and other road debris. Also known as, “clear bra” paint protection films can only be installed after proper paint correction. Otherwise, it will fail to stick to the body.

What Is Paint Correction?

Paint correction as the term suggests is a process carried out to correct a vehicle’s paint. With time the paint of vehicles, develop swirl marks and scratches that can lead to expensive paint and detailing jobs. Therefore, in order to protect the paint and to prolong its life, paint protection films are installed, especially on new cars.

Furthermore, paint correction is done in several stages depending on the condition of the vehicle’s paint. If a vehicle has been maintained properly, chances are it will not require deep paint correction. However, if the vehicle was ignored and not looked properly after, the detailing center will need to clear the contaminants and work to make the paint appear new.

This is done by first claying the vehicle and then compounding it using a polisher. Then, the detailing professionals will use isopropyl alcohol to further eliminate left-over contaminants.

Once the paint has been cleared of previous wax layers, the professional will polish the clear coat and apply different layers of waxes and detailing products to install the PPF film.

How To Choose A Paint Protection Film Installer?

Choose A Certified Installer

As mentioned previously, there are a lot of detailers out there who boast about their PPF services. However, you must choose a certified installer. A certified installer is an experienced individual or a team who has undergone PPF installation training. While choosing an installer, ask them whether they are certified and to show their certification. Otherwise, if you choose an amateur, the PPF film will start sticking out from the edges after a few months.

Detailing Products

Detailing products are an important prerequisite to the installation of PPFs. A certified detailer should know the right type of products to use depending on the vehicle for the PPF film to bond. If expired or cheap products are used, the PPF film will not last long. Therefore, you must ask the detailer about the detailing products he is going to use. Plus, carry out some research on your own as well just to be on the safe side.

Check Reviews

PPF installation is a sensitive process. It requires time and patience. Unfortunately, many auto detailing shops, in order to make money, do everything in a hurry, which comprises the quality. To avoid such detailers, always check for reviews over the internet. Furthermore, you can also ask around your social circle including family and friends to check if they have someone reliable and trustworthy.

Ask For Guarantee

Most detailers when asked about guarantee will tell you that the life of PPF completely depends on your maintenance, which is not entirely true. PPFs are meant to last for years even if you happen to get your vehicle detailed once a month. Guaranteeing that the PPF will remain attached to the vehicle is the responsibility of the detailer. Therefore, do not finalize the installer unless you are offered a minimum of 3-4 year guarantee.

Final Word

The above-mentioned paint protection film Installation tips are meant to keep you safe and avoid scams and frauds. Make sure that you take your time and choose a clear car protection film installer Springfield who makes your investment worth it.

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