How To Get More Reviews On Trustpilot

Online reviews have a huge role to play in the e-commerce industry today. Customers rely on feedback and reviews to develop an idea about the brand’s reputation. This means, the better the reviews, the better the customer traffic. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to share some tips that will not only help you get more reviews on Trustpilot but also positive ones if you manage reviews properly. Let’s begin!

Don’t Hesitate To Ask

When it comes to getting more reviews, most salespersons or businesses feel a bit hesitant to ask customers for reviews. Of course, not everyone likes to share their reviews but you cannot push the customers. However, if a salesperson is spending a bit of time with the customer, they are supposed to read the customer’s behavior. If a salesperson feels that the customer is open to feedback and reviews, they should go ahead and request some on Trustpilot.

This is a golden opportunity for a small business to overcome its flaws and shortcomings without spending any money. On the other hand, customers are also responsible for providing feedback if they want the services and products to be improved next time when they make a purchase. In addition to that, reviews can be requested in multiple ways as well.

For instance, if you are communicating with a customer personally via one-on-one, you should hand them a review card to fill out. If you are an online business, you can simply ask your customers to fill an online feedback form that links to Trustpilot. Plus, you can also send a feedback card/postcard to the customer’s house requesting them to fill it and return it when done.

Collect Feedback At The Source

As mentioned earlier, you can send feedback cards along with the packages while delivering products. This is another great way of collecting feedback at the source. As soon as the customer opens the package, they will come across your feedback card and will most probably fill it. It is estimated that comment card reviews can see a completion rate of 80-90% at the time of service.

Furthermore, you should choose the moment at which the customers are most willing to engage. This moment usually takes place when they have received their products or service.

Send Email Or SMS

You might come across several messages on your mobile phone on a daily basis asking for feedback from different businesses. While some businesses choose to send emails, others send an SMS or both. This is especially the case if you are an online business. Email and SMS may be the only effective options at hand.

While sending an email, you should be candid and open with your customers. You should inform them that their reviews are for your business. This type of conversations highlights to the customers that the business takes feedback and reviews seriously.

Moreover, you should send an email or SMS as soon as the customer reviews their package. If you wait too long, the customer might not bother replying. Plus, you should send the email from an authentic email address so that the customer thinks of it as personal interaction. And finally, never cherry-pick your customers. You should email and send SMS to every customer to receive unbiased reviews on Trustpilot.

Send Reminders

Sending reminders plays an essential role in receiving more reviews. Once you have sent an email, SMS, or feedback card to the customer, you should wait a while. It is normal for the customer to take some time. However, if it takes too long, you should send a reminder. At the same time, the feedback time also depends on the type of products purchased.

If you are asking for reviews for any food purchases, you shouldn’t wait more than a week. But if the customer has purchased a washing machine, you can wait a month for the customer to properly use it first. Your reminder should simply remind the customers of leaving a review on Trustpilot and to add to the convenience, you should add a link as well.

Final Word

Getting more reviews on Trustpilot is easy if you were to follow the tips mentioned above. Remember, it is not only about receiving more reviews but also working to improve your products and services. Considering the growing competition, only those businesses survive that are willing to step beyond their comfort zone to satisfy their customers and those who use white label review management software.

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