What is Japanese hair straightening?

Do you feel like your curls are constantly putting down your personality? Well, you might have noticed the recent buzz around Japanese hair straightening. Though, the good news is that you do not have to go all the way to Japan to get this hair treatment.

Japanese hair straightening is also referred to as thermal reconditioning. This is a type of straightening solution for people who want to let go of their natural curls and want sleek straight hair.

What is the process of Japanese hair straightening?

The process of Japanese hair straightening is rather simple. First off, the stylist will apply a natural solution to the hair which will change the structure chemically. This results in a very neat look. After that, the stylist will let the solution stay on your hair for up 20 minutes. Though, this would depend on the type of your hair and the length. Once that is done, the stylist will then wash the solution out.

Eventually, some conditioning treatment will be applied to ensure that the hair does not go back to its previous state. Then, the hair stylist will use an iron hair straightening technique through small sections at a high temperature. Again, the temperature can vary, which depends on the type of hair that you have. After flattening out all curls, a neutralizer solution is applied. This stays on the hair for 10 minutes and is a consolidation for the entire work.

Eventually, they blow dry your hair, and your get the sleek look that you had always wanted. To complete the look, the hair stylist will also give you a once-over with the hair straighteners to ensure that you walk out with sleek and straight hair.

How long does the entire process take?

Well, the time depends on the length of your hair. Sometimes, 2 hours to 4 hours is the usual time. Though, the treatment can take up to 5 hours in some cases. Furthermore, the results of the treatment can last Up to 6 months. That is because the new hair that will grow will have the original texture.

What are the costs?

The costs vary from salon to salon. However, you can expect to pay $400 to $800 for a single session.

What are the pros and cons of Japanese hair straightening?

Now, on to the most important part. Most women who want Japanese hair straightening wonder what the pros and cons of this straightening technique would be. Well, let us list them all down one by one.

The pros of Japanese hair straightening include:

  • Straight and sleek hair
  • The treatment is rather permanent and can last for up to 6 months
  • Straightening is not required at all once it is done

The cons of Japanese hair straightening include:

  • The treatment is not reversible. This means that if you do not like the look of your hair after the treatment is done, there is no way to go back.
  • The hair can also get damaged, especially if you have previously used another chemical or a color.
  • Lastly, Japanese hair treatment is not cheap at all. Salons that offer cheaper alternatives usually fail to deliver the same quality. For the best experience, you must pay for it in the full price, because this treatment is expensive.


We hope that you now understand everything about Japanese hair straightening. Our last piece of advice would be to always get this treatment from good hair straightening salons Rockville. If you end up going to a low-end salon, chances are that your money will go to a waste. And that is something that you do not want.

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