How To Use Your Air Conditioner Economically

In the sweltering weather we are currently experiencing, using an air conditioner is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Although most people hire HVAC repair services when their AC or HVAC is not working, there are some tips you can follow to use your AC unit economically. Follow us!

Use The Sleep Timer Function On The Air Conditioner At Night

At night while you are sleeping, your body is comparatively a lot less conscious to the ambient temperature than while you are awake, and therefore, turning the temperature down until it’s just comfortable can save you a lot in energy bills. Fortunately, that is exactly what the sleep timer function on your air conditioner is designed to do, so you can rest with ease and your unit will take care of it automatically.

Invest In Modern Energy Efficient Split Air Conditioning Units

Modern HVAC systems that have separate inner and outer units use approximately 50% less energy to cool a room compared to window units, and about 25% that of central air conditioning units in homes. Instead of relying on the latter two, it is a good idea to make a onetime investment and cut down energy costs by a considerable margin.

Make Sure To Service Your Air Conditioner Twice Every Year

If you do not keep your air conditioning unit well maintained, chances are its compressor performance will degrade, resulting in higher current draw to bring down the temperature to a specified value. If you do not clean the built in air filters, that too will affect how quickly the room is cooled.

Check Your Ducts To Make Sure Nothing Is Blocking The Airflow

If dust or debris gets in the air ducts, it can hinder the flow of air in and out of the house, making the air conditioner work harder to keep the air cool.

Keep Rooms Properly Insulated When The Air Conditioner Is On

If your room has a leak through which warm air can seep in while the air conditioner is on, or the cool air from inside of the house can escape, it will make the air conditioner struggle to keep the temperature within the room regulated.

Rearrange Your Furniture To Prevent Obstructing Cooling Vents

Having furniture blocking the cool air vents near the floor will also hinder efficient cooling of the room, forcing the air conditioner to operate at a higher power draw.

Keep The Thermostat Fixed At 78° Fahrenheit Or 25° Celsius

An internal home temperature of 78 degrees is perfectly comfortable, and any more than that is useless energy wastage.

Turn Off Any Incandescent Light Bulbs While The AC Unit Is On

Incandescent bulbs operate by burning the filament red hot, which raises the ambient temperature surrounding them considerably. If the AC is on, it’s a good idea to turn these off.

If You Can, Turn Off The Air Conditioner While Leaving The House

When you are leaving the house for a few good hours, there is no reason to keep the air conditioner turned on. Instead, you can set the timer so that it turns on automatically before you return, so that you find the home already cool.

An air conditioner is not only the most expensive piece of appliance in homes, it is also extremely costly to operate, and therefore it makes sense to want to optimize its use, so that not only does it last longer and keep functioning without any hiccups, it is economical for you in the long run.

Also keep in mind that your HVAC unit will require inspection and maintenance from time to time to keep it working as expected, and the only person capable of doing that is a trained HVAC technician. Make sure to never skimp on this crucial aspect of owning an air conditioner, and to do thorough research on the company you are hiring to perform the job. Allowing just anyone to open up and mess with the internals of your unit will almost always end up doing more harm for you in the long run, so make the smart choice and hire AC repair services Smithtown whenever there is any problem with the unit that can’t be solved with a Google search.

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