What To Know About Tree Removal Laws And Regulations In Montgomery County

Trees are a vital part of your environment and ecosystem. Apart from the aesthetics, beauty and shade there are tons of benefits provided by them. However, in some cases it gets absolutely necessary to remove a tree by hiring tree cutting services. But wait, before you call in the tree expert, there are certain rules and regulations you should know about tree removal.

Here are some of the top questions asked by people regarding tree removal and their answers according to the law.

Do I need a permit to remove my tree?

Yes, you would require a permit to remove any tree that is on commercial property. However, if the tree is in your own residential property then you will not be needing a permit for tree removal.

Do I need a permit for removing my tree if it is coming in way of roads, traffic and pedestrians and causing disturbance?

Yes, you will need a permit for tree removal that is on roads and coming in way. You will need to contact and inform the respective government of the respective state. Or you can also inform the forest or plantation department who will check the tree and get it removed or give you the permit for removal.

Do I need a permit for tree removal for any construction site or building?

If you are building any company or office or any other site for construction, selling, property or office whether for personal reasons or public reasons, you would require a permit for tree removal in that area. You will have to send a proposal to the government telling them what you need the property for and what you are constructing and how many trees are coming in the way and that is why you require tree removal. The law will then give you a permit for the tree removal in that specific area. You will require a permit for removal of your own trees just because you are going for construction on that property.

Can I remove a tree of my neighbor that is hanging down in my yard and causing a disturbance for me? Do I need a permit for that?

The tree of your neighbor is your neighbor’s property and is in a residential area. This is the matter that concerns you and your neighbor and you can solve it out mutually. If the tree of your neighbor is hazardous then you should resolve the issue with your neighbor as soon as possible. This does not concern the authorities neither has any compliance with the laws and rules.

Do I need a permit for tree removal if it is coming in way of a historic site?

If your tree is coming in way or causing problems to the general public on a historic site then you will need to contact the authorities and request a permit for the tree removal.

Do I need a tree removal expert or I can remove them on my own?

Tree removal is dangerous and can cause harm to you, your property and the people around as well. It is better to leave it in the hands of the experts. Before hiring, make sure the expert is certified, experienced and insured as well. Ask around for references and contact someone who is known for the work. Ask for a license as proof that he is a certified and qualified tree removal expert. Tree removal is dangerous and license and experience is really important when choosing an arborist.

Who is responsible if a neighbor’s tree fell on my property?

In this case every state has different rules and regulations. Some states consider it a natural act and the affectee is responsible for the cleanup and removal of the tree. But if the neighbor knew that the tree had become old, was leaning or has become dead and did not act then the blame will be on the neighbor who owns the tree. While in some states it is solely the owner’s fault and he has to take care of the issue of removal.

Tree removal is not an easy task and a job best left to arborist services Montgomery County. However, you have to contact the authorities before you go for any sort of tree removal.

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