Ways to get better online reviews

Nowadays, what customers do is, they check online reviews before buying literally anything on the internet. This is true for even those things that they hear about from their friends and relatives. This is primarily because of the overall ease of access that they have to the information. In this regard, it is extremely important for brands and businesses to maintain a positive reputation on the internet. However, for businesses of all sizes, management of reviews is often a big burden. In this regard, the use of review management tools could make things a lot easier.

How to get better online reviews?

Well, more than 90% of the customers read reviews. Almost all of these people will be hesitate to buy a product that has negative reviews. Though, some people may still want to take the risk. However, usually, people will simply pass and move on to a different seller (this is especially true on websites such as Amazon).

Hence, it is very important for businesses to know how they can get better internet reviews. And this is exactly what we are writing this article for. In this regard, we have included a number of very useful tips for you to use! These include the following:

Have a good product

This is the prerequisite of everything. For as long as you do not have a good product, no matter what you do, your customers will not end up being satisfied. As a result of this, they will not leave a positive or good review. Rather, you will notice a giant see of negative reviews with a rapid decrease in your sales. After all, a company with so many bad reviews are like a red flag for customers.

So, make sure that your product is highly competitive and has great quality. Then, customers are likely to give you a good review due to a good experience.

Make it easy to get a review

Customers should be able to do as less work as possible, in order to leave a review for you. So, in this regard, make sure that it is very easy for your customers to leave reviews. As a result of this, the chances of them leaving you a review will increase significantly.

Furthermore, make sure that your business is available on a number of different online review directories. This is primarily because not all customers make use of social media websites such as Facebook, or others like Yelp. So, if they have a wide range of options to choose from, their chances of leaving a review are great.

Ask your customers for reviews

In case you are sure that you have delivered an exceptional service to a particular customer, it would not hurt to ask for a review. However, if you feel like something was lacking in your product or service, it is better to not to ask for it. This is because, in the latter case, a customer is likely to leave a negative feedback that could hurt you.

Do note that it is not a good practice to offer incentives to customers in exchange of good feedback. This is because, it can ruin your goodwill. Furthermore, the customer is likely to spread this around. So, avoid such strategies.

Ending note

Getting good reviews is not very difficult. All that you have to do is, to ensure that the customer is satisfied. With good customer service, you can also turn a negative experience into a positive one, resulting in good feedback. If you are using a review management system, such as for a salon, things may get even easier for you to manage!

How To Make Your Customers Market Your Business For You?

The regular customers of any business can prove vital for the business to market it. The customers can bring new people, new potential customers and spread the marketing message better than anyone else. Business get customer reviews to prove their worth to potential customers.

Get customer feedback

Here are some ways how any business can make its customers market its business.

  1. Design a Customer Marketing Campaign

This is the first thing a business should do when it wants to mobilize the customers for marketing purpose. There are two things that should be considered while making the plan.

First, where your marketing strategy exists right now and what you want to achieve with this strategy. Every business has different goals when compared with the competitors. So all the goals should be incorporated in the customer marketing strategy.

  1. Set a Customer Advocacy Program

The purpose of this program is to attract more customers for marketing purposes. But before setting up such a plan, you will need two important things. First, the brand must have great products that solve the customer issues and secondly the customer care must be outstanding and unforgettable.

Not having a great product is one of the top ten reasons why brands and business fail. Customers will not be willing to become a part of your marketing until you convince them with your products and services. Over the years, customer care has become really important. Poor customer care is the major complaint filed by clients in every business sector.

You can also use positive review generator for managing customer reviews and to make a better customer advocacy program.

  1. Identify Customer Advocates

The next important thing is to find out the customer advocates you will be using for your business or product marketing. The advocates should be reliable as well as consistent. The authority of the advocate is next important factor that you should consider as well.

The internet will be of great help to find relevant and best customer advocates. Search about the people you know and believe can be your advocates. The search will provide all the details about them. Moreover, some influencers who are you customers as well can be potential advocates for marketing.

  1. Engage Customer Advocates

Using customers for marketing is even better than to get customer reviews. Many brands use a review management software but they should focus also on customer advocates. Any company should be good enough to know how they can engage their advocates. Below are some tips to engage customer advocates.

  1. Encourage them to write natural reviews on the website and products.
  2. They should also be asked to share their testimonials of their business products with you.
  3. They should get offers, products and even access to premium services by your company.
  4. They should have access to your content to share it and engage more people.
  5. Provide them training if you think they need. Invest in the advocates and outdo their skills.
  6. Urge them to create their own content for your business and share it with their followers.
  7. Track Performance of Customer Advocates

Without proper monitoring and tracking the performance of your advocates, you can’t progress. The tracking is essential because it lets you know where you are making progress and where you need to put more focus. Furthermore, tracking performance makes them feel the burden of accountability. And it encourages them for better performance.

  1. Have a Reward System for Advocates

Motivation of the advocates lies in bonuses, rewards and incentives. This is a human nature that it responds more actively when people are rewarded even for the smallest things. The company should introduce bonuses and reward systems where the advocates are given prizes for better and outstanding results. This will make the lazy advocates work better as they know there is a reward if they can produce what the company expects.

Bonus – Benefits of Using Customers for Marketing

Here below are some benefits that a business gets when it uses the customer advocates for marketing.

  1. The repeat customers have 65% chances of bringing new customers.
  2. 90% people trust recommendations and what their friends suggest so they will definitely respond to the customer advocates. That’s also why every business wants to get customer reviews with review management software.
  3. This will help a business reduce the marketing and customer acquisition cost.
  4. You can get more demands and orders for your business or services.
  5. This will make the business have one of the best and most sustainable marketing plans.