7 Exciting Wedding Cake Ideas

One of the most important and memorable moments of a wedding is the cake cutting ceremony. The cake is nothing less than a centerpiece for a wedding. So, when you’re done with selecting the venue, decorators, and wedding rental packages, here are some amazing cake ideas which will not only taste great, but people will remember it for years to come.

An Autumnal Fantasy

Nothing is more whimsical and beautiful than a warm autumn wedding. So, if you want to picture autumn and the festivities of a wedding in a cake, then this idea is perfect for you. Try to go for warm flavors of cinnamon and ginger in the cake. A vanilla and cinnamon base with a very festive buttercream frosting will scream autumn. As far as design and décor is concerned, the cake should look something out of an autumn themed fairy tale. It should have warm notes and colors and the entire cake looks cozy.

Floral Cake

Nothing speaks more feminine than a floral cake. Today, there are so many ways by which you can incorporate flowers in your cake which will look unique and the pictures won’t be able to do justice. There is digital printing of flowers on the fondant if you don’t want to use real flowers. You can also go for 3D edible flowers which will make your cake look extremely over the top and people will remember this for years.

Personalized Cake

Digital printing on cakes is becoming very popular nowadays. Although it may sound very weird, but there are beautiful designs which can be digitally printed on your cake or fondant. This is a bit more personal for the couple and it really makes the personality shine through. If you choose the right pictures to print on the fondant, along with the perfect flavors to accompany the cake, it will be a showstopper indeed.

Bold But Beautiful

This is no general rule that a cake should be white. Rather, white cakes can look flat and very basic. Add a pop of a bold color to personalize your cake even more and make it scream your aura. There are many colors that you can choose from like a subtle grey or black, pinks, blues and even greens. The colors you choose will go with the rest of the theme of the wedding, so it will complement the wedding decor and theme beautifully and a bold color will definitely be popping in the pictures.

Can’t Go Wrong With Pink

If you want something other than a white cake, then a subtle pastel pink is the one to go for. You can’t go wrong with a pink cake and to make it even more fun, try to incorporate flavors of pink like strawberries and other berries in your cake. This will tie the whole cake beautifully and the color pink will also be very subtle so, you don’t have to worry about the cake being something stepped out of a dollhouse.

Textures On White

A white cake is a staple in a wedding, but sometimes white cakes can look very basic and boring. To make them stand out, you need to give the plain and simple white cake a little bit of oomph. To do that, textures are the way to go. Textures add so much more dimension to the cake and they make it look more appealing. Add some 3D flowers and edible décor on top and you have a head turning cake.

Rustic And Simple

If you are following the rustic theme for your wedding then might as well have a cake which encompasses this theme too. You can add a lot of rustic and rough touches to the cake, like adding leaves, flowers and twigs sporadically all around the cake to make it look like something out of a woodland. The flavors can also be very warm and welcoming like a fudge chocolate with hints of coffee and cinnamon or vanilla and buttercream.


There you have it! These wedding cake ideas will not only look beautiful but they will be a treat for the taste buds too. So, what are you waiting for? Select your favorite bakers or ask wedding party rentals MD to suggest a stellar baker.

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