How Do You Know If Your Sewer Line Is Leaking

Sewers can be leaked and it is very easy for this to go unnoticed. This is why you should look out for these signs which can tell you if your sewer is leaking and you need to hire local drain cleaning services.

Wet Floors

One of the very common symptoms of a leaking sewer is the dampening of the floors. Your sewers are usually underground, so if there is a leak in the sewer line or it is not going to the drain as it should, because of any reason, the murky and dirty sewer water will start to seep into the floors.

One sign by which you can tell that your floors are getting damp, is by looking at your floors and seeing that they are wet, like someone had dropped water on the floor and it is in the process of being dry. The floors also never become dry as time goes by, because water is always present underneath the surface of the floors, which keeps the floors wet.

Foul Smell

This one is a no brainer, but the one thing you should look out for the most is the foul smell penetrating throughout the house and not just the sewer. If the smell is coming from odd places like your bedroom, kitchen and even the floors, then this should be an alarming thing for you. This is a clear sign that your sewer pipe is leaking or some part of the sewer is clogged. Running water will never produce a foul smell, but stagnant dirty water will produce a considerably bad smell.

Wastage Of Water

This is also a very common thing which is going to tell you that your sewer line is leaking. You will see that your water bills are extremely high, even though you are using the same amount of water on a daily basis as you were doing before. This is because the leak is causing the water to go directly in the sewer and in the leaks rather than in your faucets and taps.

This is a huge problem, because this can eat up a lot of your money in the disguise of expensive water bills, even though there is no apparent increased use of water in the first place.

Pests In The House

Sewage water is dirty and it is a perfect breeding ground for pests. So, anywhere in your house where there is sewage water leaking, there will be pests in it as well. You can see the increased number of pests in the house and you will also feel like there are a lot of flies and insects in the house. Try to get your sewer checked if you see this problem occurring over and over again.

Clogged Drains

Clogged toilets and drains are also a huge sign of a leaked sewer. The leaked sewer is not getting rid of the water properly, so there is going to be a lot of clogging in the toilets, drains and even in the kitchen.

You will see that the remnants of the toilet are not being flushed properly, the water is staying stagnant in the sink and there is just water coming out of the drains everywhere. You should get your sewer line checked if this problem occurs, because this will cause more issues if you don’t solve it soon.


Last but not least, molds and fungus on the walls and floors are a clear sign that there is water leaking out from the sewer or drain somewhere. The most common place where mold and fungus will appear on the walls and the top of the ceiling. You will see some patterns and brown patches on the ceilings and the walls will also drip water too. The walls and ceiling will also feel very damp. This is a bad thing because if this problem is persistent, it will ruin the foundations of the walls.


There you have it! Now that you know the signs which will scream a sewer leak, you can act quickly and look for sewer cleaning companies before further any damage to the rest of your house. A professional will inspect the sewer line and fix the leakage problem.

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