Why Is My Quartz Countertop Staining

Quartz is a great material for countertops, whether it’s for the kitchen or the bathroom. It has an ethereal look to it and it looks very beautiful yet simple at the same time. What doesn’t look good though, is the appearance of stains on this beautiful colored countertop. Here are some things which could lead to stains on the quartz kitchen countertops.

Food Stains

Let’s start with the simplest and the most common stain. Food can stain any material and countertop. This also goes for quartz. Quartz is a non-porous material, but it is made nonporous through resins. This is not a naturally nonporous material. So, if the resin starts to wear off, then the material can be stained very easily. Whether it’s a simple fruit or some kind of neat, it will be enough to put a pesky stain on the countertop and ruin its whole loom.

Chemical Cleaners

The next culprit for stains on quartz countertops is cleaners you buy from the supermarket. These cleaners are meant to clean the stains, not produce more, right? Well, that could be where you are not reading the labels well enough to know certain things.

Quartz is a very reactive material when it comes in contact with acid. These cleaners are usually acidic in nature and they have a lot of harsh things in them. When this cleaner gets in contact with the quartz countertops, stains will start to produce and this will be very hard to clean later on.

Water Stains

Who would’ve known that water could lead to stains? The answer is, yes it does. If your quartz countertops are near the sink, whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom, you will see a lot of water stains on the countertop. This is very normal and it usually occurs when the supply of water coming from your taps is not pure. It is hard water that produces stains of different colors and the scale is also left behind. This can be a huge pain to clean and quartz, being the reactive mineral that it is, will react with the free heavy salts in the water.

Bleach Stains

Sometimes, you think bleach can clean up the stains, right? Wrong! Bleach can lead to even worse stains if you use it without dissolving it first in a lot of water. Quartz will react with anything which is a chemical and it will lead to a lot of damage and stains.

You don’t want to use bleach on quartz countertops, because it will ruin the countertop with stains and damage. Turns out bleach is not the answer to everything when it comes to cleaning. It can be the culprit rather than the savior.

Makeup Ans Other Beauty Products

If you put your makeup and other beauty products on top of the countertop, then this can also lead to stains. Makeup products don’t damage the quartz countertops per se, but the color is what stays on the surface and it is very hard to clean and get it off. You can protect your kitchen countertops by putting up acrylic organizers for your makeup, so if anything breaks or leaks, it will spill on the organizer and not on the precious countertops. You would rather ruin a cheap organizer that can be replaced than ruin your expensive countertops.

Burns On The Countertop

Last but not least, hot pots and pans can also lead to dark and ugly stains on your countertops and it is not as easy to clean them as you think. This is why it is highly recommended that you use trivets or coasters for putting the hot pots and pans on. You want to have a barrier between the hot pan and the countertop to protect it from the black stains pots and pans produce. This will save you from a lot of trouble. Quartz is also very sensitive to heat so it’s better not to test it.


There you have it! Now that you know what causes stains on your pristine quartz countertops, you can easily point those things out and avoid doing them. Get tips and advice from the quartz countertops dealer Potomac when you install them in your kitchen to extend their life.

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