How To Choose A Theme For Your Wedding?

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (for most people) to feel on top of this world and special amongst all. The theme of the wedding plays the big role in representing your wedding and you and your partner even years after your big day. Your inspiration could be anything around you but it should be special and connected to both of you. And then make sure the venue and wedding party rentals understand what you want as your wedding theme.

Why Do You Need A Wedding Theme?

Your wedding theme will be the basis of your wedding and the theme will then reflect on the décor, invites, giveaways, catering, venue, and whatnot. It will be easier to plan the rest of the stuff for your wedding after a theme has been finalized.

Every couple wants their wedding to be remembered for years and years by the guests. A theme will reflect both of your personalities and likes and dislikes and also depict the traits and preferences you both have.

Make sure to give proper attention and time and ample discussion with your partner in selecting or deciding upon a theme so you do not regret your decision in the future while looking at your wedding pictures. The decided theme should be timeless.

Questions To Consider Before Deciding Upon A Wedding Theme

Before selecting a theme, you will need to sit down with your partner and ask some questions amongst yourselves. The answers will further simplify the requirements for your theme and it will be easier in choosing one.

How did you both meet?

This can set the mood of your theme. The meeting caused love between you two and eventually the promise to spend your life together.

Do you both have color coordination in mind or favorite colors?

Colors play a vital role in theme selection.

Any dream venue in mind?

Obviously, you will need a venue to host the wedding. Have you both ever talked about where and how your wedding will be held? Will it be a destination wedding? A beach wedding or some extravagant venue?

Do you both share the same passions or interests or are you both complete opposites?

Whatever personality traits you both possess can be implemented in the theme of your choice. You can show similar preferences or show a contrasting affair which led to lifetime companionship.

How much are you both willing to splurge?

Whatever theme you both want or are choosing cannot be implemented without a budget. Either you both can spend all you want or have a restricted budget. First, fix a budget, then go according to it as it is not fair to spend more than your means and then live a pitiful life afterward.

Once you have discussed all the questions and answers with your partner, you finally have an outline for your theme.

But wait! You are still far away from the selection. There is a lot more to be done and decided and you will be facing backlashes, arguments, misunderstandings, and disagreements as well.

You might want one thing which your partner or your family members do not agree upon. Stay calm and collected throughout the process, do not make it a hassle but a fun affair and capture as many memories as you can as it will bring out the laughter in you and your partner in the future.

One important thing while choosing a theme is that it should be timeless and evergreen, something which is forever and not something that stays for some time and then gets obsolete.

The Final Selection Of The Wedding Theme

So now that you have discussed everything, laid out the pros and cons of everything, set up a budget, and have a rough guide, you can now proceed towards the actual selection of your theme, (still a long road ahead though).

Make sure you avoid overspending in your wedding because a financial constraint in the initial phases of your wedding may not be healthy for your relationship. You both want the best of everything but do not put into peer pressure and social norms and traditions. It is the two of you and your love that counts. Do not listen to what others have to say, you can do great within a limited budget as well.

The Wedding Inspiration

Your guideline is set but still, there is no theme then the internet is your world. Search different wedding themes based on your preferences on Google, different social media platforms, Pinterest, and Instagram, take advice from friends and family members and search different pages of wedding planners to get an idea of the themes they have planned and set up.

Surely you will get down to something or better yet finalize a theme that both of you love.

The Date And Season Play An Integral Part

Now the question is when do you want to hold your wedding? Will it be a summer wedding, a winter wedding, a spring wedding, or a wedding in the fall period? Your theme will decide the season in which you can hold your wedding and then you can decide upon a date for that season.

If you want a beach wedding then the summer season is a good idea, if you want a rustic or a bohemian theme then fall is a good season for that, and the spring season will be best for a fairytale or a rainbow wedding.

An exotic theme or a black-and-white theme can be done in winter but make sure you and your guests can withstand the cold. You can also decide whether you want to hold it in the day or night after the dates have been decided.

Make sure to decide the date and season and then book vendors early on. Go through different wedding rental packages Frederick to choose one that reflects your preferences.

There Is No Wedding Without A Venue

Of course, the venue is an integral part of a wedding to take place. You will need to check different venues for their availability on your required dates and whether the venue will be able to cater to your theme and the number of guests or not. If you have budget constraints then you can also hold it in your own backyard with a beautiful décor and it will be a very intimate affair.

The Color Palette

Now you should decide upon the color coordination. The colors will determine your wedding attire, the decoration of the wedding, the giveaways, the wedding cake, the table covers, the invites, and also the dress code for your guests.

Your Guest List

Do you want to be a small gathering of near and dear ones or do you want to invite every single person out there will surely depend on your budget and choices. Make sure your guest list is filled with people who are generally happy for both of you and they all are coming to your wedding.

What Will Be The Menu?

The menu is the main part of your wedding. This will be according to the season and also the theme. You can go for a buffet, snack items, main course, dessert, or a mixture of all. Make sure it is the food that both of you enjoy eating or love to eat and is in your financial range.


Remember! It is both of your special day and the theme should reflect your love and interests. The theme should set an unforgettable memory in the future which brings a smile to your face remembering it. So, start planning and book wedding tent rentals Damascus MD.

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